Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Jack has eleventy billion mosquito bites, a stiff neck, and a fever.  I, of course, think he has West Nile.  But Tylenol and lots of TV seems to be doing the trick.

Harrison is at the cardiologist right now, and Ben just texted to tell me that he does, in fact, have ANOTHER effusion, meaning we are probably going to try him on a long-term anti-inflammatory drug that brings with it some other complications, and I just wish this whole thing would GO AWAY.

Cooper had 2 bouts of some kind of heinous virus that gave him a high fever and a sore throat with giant red pulsating tonsils in the last 10 days (2 SEPARATE bouts and not strep either time).

Dorothy played with toys at the grocery store, so she should be getting the plague any day now.


 Dorothy was so tired from a weekend of no naps that she fell asleep apropos of nothing on the family room floor yesterday.

She's almost done nursing, a bittersweet milestone.  For awhile she was down to once before nap, once before bed, and then pretty much off and on all night when she came in my bed.  But then, mercifully, she stopped sleeping with me.  Now she falls asleep in seconds after lunch-- not a real nursing session.  And at bedtime she has started to drink her sippy cup more and some nights falls asleep cuddling, not eating.  She nurses first thing in the morning, but only perfunctorily and demands, "Eat, eat, eat," soon after waking.  She means real food.  Eggs.  Pancakes.  Bananas.  Yogurt.  I have done nothing to encourage her changing habits, and I am in no hurry for her to stop nursing all together.  It's up to her-- she's growing up.

Today, I didn't send either boy to their morning summer enrichment class at school, and we skipped swim lessons, too.  Ben had to teach, and Harry got dressed to go to the doctor, but the rest of us are still in jammies and have no plans to change, and we are happily enjoying the house today. despite the shining sun and perfect outside temps.

We even dragged out the Play Doh.

Dorothy was unsure at first, but she warmed up fast.

 Everyone got Moon Sand all over their feet.  Freaking Moon Sand.  A thousand times worse than Play Doh.

When the babies wake up, I am going to stop pretending we are vampires and take them outside to play, otherwise bedtime will never come, AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT.

Speaking of the grocery store.  HOLY HELL do we eat a lot of food when we are all home together.  SO MUCH FOOD.  One giant trip to Whole Foods and then a couple smaller trips mid week to get things we have run out of like milk.  6 GALLONS OF ORGANIC MILK A WEEK.  GAH.  And bananas. And oh my god the snacks!  Peaches and pears and applesauce and round crackers and rectangular crackers and pirate booty and string cheese.  Don't get me started on the cereal because you would not even believe the quantity.  I am going to save so much money when school starts.


  1. I wish the whole effusion thing would just go away too! How stressful. I hope the long-term med helps with minimal side effects.

    Dorothy is freaking adorable. And yay for jammie days. I have my first "real" day of summer tomorrow and we have ZERO plans. Can't wait.

  2. The effusion does sound scary. I hope the meds do their job without causing other issues.

    6 gallons of milk a week! Holy moly.

    I was both sad and a little relieved when Caroline gave up nursing gradually and all on her own. But I'm also glad it was her choice, that I was able to do it as long as she wished (and, honestly, that I'm not still doing it!).

  3. Moon sand is not allowed in my house after the Moon Sand Disaster of 2010.

    I hope your entire family feels well soon. I hope Harry's new meds work with minimal to no side effects!!!

  4. Lisa R.11:19 AM

    I can just BARELY tolerate play doh. Moon Sand absolutely not! I also thought when my oldest was about two that the Crayola sand would be perfect for his sand table. Oh my goodness, I was SO SO wrong! Terrible, terrible stuff. Short of power washing him after playing in it, it was IMPOSSIBLE to remove from skin. And I bought it in blue. Go me.