Thursday, December 05, 2013

Working from home

Working from home is a dangerous proposition for me. If I went to work somewhere else-- even a coffee shop-- it would be much easier to ignore the destruction that is my house. 

Every morning he big boys trot blissfully off to school leaving behind a place that looks like we have all been raptured up mid meal. Or mid robbery because it's ransacked. 

I guess they were looking for matched sets?
I love how all the toys are poised to get kicked under the couch. So convenient. 
Cooper helped himself to a cereal bar. He's even got 2 pacis and a milk to go with trucks out the window and a freshly DVR'd Daniel Tiger on tap

Trucks and crumbs in a trail to Cooper and Dorothy's bathroom (but the crumbs barely show because this floor is genius)
We didn't get home until 10 last night, so I had to wash the baby this morning. More mess. 
Ok. I have breakfast to clean up. Online classes to build and maintain. Emails to send. And stocking stuffers to buy online. 

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