Tuesday, December 10, 2013


There are still a few things that need to be done, but I am not doing them.  Instead, I am delivering the rest of the components to the people I have been working with since last year tomorrow in what should be my last meeting.  THANK GOODNESS.  So even though I suck at working from home, I managed to pull it off.  Which is good because the school I adjunct for just contracted me to redesign the online course I designed for the,.  So, um, yeah.  Here we go again!  Also, I was prepping for spring and discovered that the final for the course I direct is on my birthday, and the final for my criticism class is on Mother's Day.  Worst spring exam schedule ever.

I totally MOTY'ed it up this morning-- made oatmeal chip cookies while the snowflakes ate breakfast, then took everyone outside to play in the snow even though it was only 5 degrees, and sent the bigs to school munching hot cookies.  I KNOW RIGHT?!

 Not sure what her problem was, but she was for sure yelling at me.


Becca said...

Total MOTY. What time does their school start? We have to leave at 7:20 and NEVER get that much done before then.

LL said...

Ditto Becca. We don't have to leave until 7:45 (school starts at 8 right down the street), but the kids don't wake up until 7 so it's a pretty focused and streamlined run through breakfast, clothes, teeth, shoes, backpacks, lunch, go!