Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures from the weekend

I know I already posted pics of Dorothy's room, but it's a little cuter now that we have more stuff-- it was a little plain at first.
The boys and her grandparents got her pink stuffed animals i the hospital, and they added a little pop to her changing area.  So did the pink changing pad cover-- she pooped all over the beige one.

Her cute little name filled in this wall, and I put a pink ballet dress on her Build-a-Bear elephant, natch.

Somebody just figured out how to take a panoramic picture om her iPhone...

Sweet little PBK ballet positions canvases

Close up of her letters-- I am not very crafty, but I like how these came out

I like that her tiny fern will grow with her. Also, when her umbilical cord stump fell off, I buried it in the plant dirt.  Fertilizer?

Obsessed with these dolls.  I want more-- that's how cute they are.

Serious in her tunic and leggings

We took a snowy walk to the park

After she pooped through her tunic and leggings

Wardrobe malfunction

Sweet little owl hat

We were inspired by our early morning Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert viewing to decorate her turban.

So sleepy.

Big fan of Elmo.


  1. Your craft letters came out so cute, color me impressed. I can't get enough of her sweet pictures. I am so so so happy you have a girl!

  2. I'd been wondering where all the pink was! Dorothy (and her room) is adorable :)

  3. Such a sweet little girl room!!

  4. omg, I LOVE that you planted her umbilical cord w/ the fern. LOVE. (also? can't stop giggling)

    those PBK ballet prints are ADORBS!!! and I love the dolls, too. So much girly goodness. I love it!