Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

This is surely a stupid, stupid, stupid thing to say on the eve of my first (half) day of parenting 4 kids by myself with NO SCHOOL (thanks for the bonus day of spring break, jerkface public schools), but you guys, I am feeling SO competent!

This weekend (well, starting Friday) we took all 4 kids to the doctor (strep tests for the whole fam!), took everyone to the zoo and to visit the Easter bunny, hosted a mixed faith family Ester/Passover celebration for 18, and cooked a sweet little Easter dinner for our own slightly larger than average family (well, the sweet potatoes and world's cutest tiny ham are in the oven right now). In addition, we cleaned the house before and after our party, and we do/fold/put away 6 freaking loads of laundry A DAY because somehow, the addition of a 6-pound person means TWICE THE FREAKING LAUNDRY.

I do not yet love this stroller (SO HARD TO TURN) and neither do the kids since it was totally empty at the zoo while Cooper walked and Dorothy rode in the Ergo because she hates her carseat with a fiery passion.
Jack does this every time
Harry is always so bummed that he's not eight feet tall.  Erm.
Cooper wants to BE Jack
See the picture of the tiger eating the tapir?  This sign is in front of the tapir's cage directly across from the tiger.  Poor hungry tiger.
After their Easter Bunny picture, the boys ate mall cookies.
Some seriously intense egg dyeing.
Jon came from Jersey for Easter weekend and to meet his new niece!
Harry had to soak that egg for QUITE AWHILE to get it that toxic shade of magenta.
Ben and Jon took the bog kids downtown during Cooper's nap-- it was finally warm enough for ice cream. 

We crammed as many tables as we could into the room and decorated with paper goods and ordered all the food.  But still! Feeling competent!

So many Easter baskets


Jack in a duck suit he wore as a toddler.

Dorothy in her silly bunny outfit
Muddy, muddy egg hunt
Adventures in baby wearing.
Lamb cake
Poor Dorothy-- she didn't like the noise yesterday and kept trying to eat herself to sleep.  Because we had a bunch of people over, I didn't just sit on the couch with my shirt open so she could have a boob pillow like always.  Instead, I fed her and then tried to let others hold her.  But then she'd cry and we'd do it all again.  Finally, when the house was quiet at 7, she passed out eating and stayed asleep until midnight,

Easter morning!  Rainy, so the bunny had to hide stuff inside
Baskets were a success.  Eggs with cash and subsequent Toys R Us trip were a success.

Razor scooters-- a big hit
Fannie May suckers always successful

This just in:  Cooper loves Matchbox cars

Dorothy got a basket of bows, headbands, hats, flowers, and clothes-- love it!

Jack took a picture of her modeling my fave
Happy Easter!
Ben teaches until 1 tomorrow-- wish me luck! Thank goodness he doesn't work on Tuesdays.


  1. I love the flamingo picture so much! You'll have an awesome day tomorrow. You totally rocked the weekend

  2. I love having a house full of people! What fun!! Also: takeout = brilliant. I was inspired to ask Ryan if we could host Thanksgiving and promised we'd have it catered.

    Love the scooters inside!!