Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dorothy's due date

Today is Dorothy's due date and her fourth day on the outside.

I am so happy to not be pregnant anymore! Phew!  Also am so happy that natural childbirth is just a memory.  .

I have been breastfeeding pretty much nonstop since 2:18 am on March 15-- my butt has already worn grooves in both couches and my bed, and everyone is used to the sight of my boobs all the time.  Classy.

Dorothy has been an excellent eater so far-- it's her favorite thing to do.  She has also spent between 5:30 and 7 in the Ergo the last couple of nights, allowing me to clean up dinner and put Cooper to bed, which has been lovely.

Cooper is suddenly huge and doughy when just 5 days ago, he was the baby I toted everywhere on my hip.

What the hell is up with St. Patrick's Day?  Except for green beer day at Miami of Ohio, I have never thought twice about it, but this year. my Facebook feed blew up with celebrations, and the kids' school made a major deal out of it, which was cool because my dad got this picture when he picked Jack up at school on Friday.
See Cooper's dark circles?  He's finally getting it together, but he's slightly off his routine with Dorothy around.  I think he especially misses our routine of snuggling in bed for the first 30 minutes of his day.  Ben takes him downstairs, so the baby and I can sleep some more, but he always wants to come in our room.
Harry's hands are chafed because he is constantly washing them just in case he can hold the baby.
Such a big yawn for grandma
Jack loves to kiss her which would be even cuter if he didn't have a violent hacking cough.
Pretty sure she was cold.
But she may have objected to the head piece.
She did approve of her car seat and after we got home from the doctor, she slept long enough for me to eat lunch, clean lunch up, wash the kitchen floor, put away the upstairs laundry, and dust the bedrooms and living rooms, which, you know, is all stuff I love to do.  (For real-- not being sarcastic.)
So far so good-- sleep deprivation has not set in yet, though...


  1. Sounds like you have things under control! Love the pictures.

  2. So fun to see the older kids interacting with Baby Dottie!

  3. I have to say, since moving into our new house, I have started to love cleaning, too. I mopped the floor yesterday and I thought of you. LOL But I'm still getting a cleaning lady bc I know this can't last. LOL