Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sugar free

Dorothy had an alarming amount of awake time today.

She spent some of it flailing in her gym, her jerky limbs accidentally encountering her hangy toys.
I took lots of pictures of her open eyes
More flaily gym time.
More open eye pictures.
She had some tummy time.

She pooped 8 times and wet 10 diapers.

Ben and I added up all the time she has spent not being held, including car rides home from the hospital and to and from the doctor and 2 blissful showers she has spent in the rock and play: maybe 90 minutes of her life. Otherwise, she's in our arms, on our chests, on her big brothers' laps, or in the Ergo.  It's lovely.

When Cooper was born, I gave up caffeine cold turkey.  This time?  Sweets.  I was going to cut chocolate out anyway because it has a history of bothering the babies' tummies, but I went whole-hog and abandoned it all.  For "dessert" I have been eating grapes, clementines, or Greek yogurt.  It's really hard!  I ordered baked goods for Easter next weekend and felt a pang knowing I won't be eating them.  Sigh.


  1. Love all her open-eye pictures! From my experiences cutting out sweets, you might try cutting out the fruit too if the cravings don't go away soon. Sugar is sugar and I always have a harder time with moderation/healthier choices than total elimination. Good luck!

  2. Oh man, I wish you success. I would weigh about thirty pounds less than I do now if I could do that. Maybe one day!

    LOVE the sweet baby pictures.

  3. giving up sugar. ::shudder:: You are braver than me!

    She's so adorable!