Tuesday, March 12, 2013

39 weeks!

Poor Ben.  In the time it took him to box up a year's worth of receipts, post-it notes, and W2s and meet with our accountant, I spent a ton of money on MOAR rag doll and poofy headbands.  I need to have the baby so I can have a shopping hiatus-- having an infant to tote around will slow me down for sure.  Although there is wifi at the hospital, and I am going to bring my computer...

We finally picked a middle name, and I am so excited about it that I ordered it on a rag doll-- now she'll have one with her first name and one with her middle name.  A little strange, but what can I say?  I LOVE this baby's name.  Ben picked the first name-- he loves it so, so much, and we picked my favorite middle name in the universe, so both of us are over the moon excited.

When I packed my hospital bag for the boys, I brought them a going home outfit and a cute hat to wear in the hospital.  That was pretty much it.  They wore the hospital-issued side-snap t-shirts.  Jack spent a day or so in a super tiny Gymboree alligator sleeper (that Cooper wore and that is also hanging up in the baby's closet right now).  I brought a couple Aden+Anais swaddle blankets for Cooper (and I have packed them for the baby, too-- the same blankets even though they are blue and yellow and brown).  But for the most part, everything in my bag was for me.

This time, I have 3 hats, two different headbands with 3 interchangeable bows and flowers, 2 night gowns, 3 different pairs of booties, and a coming home outfit complete with hat.  Ha!  (And reading that convinced me to throw in another super teeny Gymbo sleeper.)

I am due a week from today, but it seems that every kid is staying inside longer, so WHO KNOWS.  (Seriously.  H was due on 7-3 and was born on 6-14.  Jack was due on 4-20 and was born on 4-16, and Cooper was due on 9-3 and was born on 9-9).

I am waking up at least 3 times a night to pee, so that's good practice.

Little Gym really wore me out today, as did a nice slow waddle around Costco, but I am still exercising 5 days a week.  Every work out I think-- maybe this will be the one that jump starts labor, but so far no dice.

Hockey season is finally over!  Harry and Jack celebrated by playing in a tournament.  Jack did not appear to have any clue what was going on and spent his time on the ice skating to a slow song in his head, but Harry SCORED A GOAL!  It was so cute that Ben and I both choked up a little-- he pumped his arms and screamed "That was me!" with his big gap-toothed smile.  It was adorable.

On a totally unrelated note, Jack has decided that he needs to be the person who waters the plants.  While adorable, this has turned a five minute task into a 20 minute one, especially if you factor in clean up time.  But it sure is cute-- he talks to them and kisses them, too.

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  1. You look adorable! Love the plant thing. So nurturing!