Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On the 12th day of Dorothy my true love gave to me a ginormous stroller

Cooper is doing better than we thought he would adjusting to the baby.  He is really sad when I am not the person who gets him up from nap, and he always seems to need attention precisely when Dorothy does.  But, oh you guys, he loves the baby.  He is always plucking his pacifier out of his face to kiss her, and he loves to hold her.  Tonight at dinner, he tried to give her his frozen kefir pop, waving it and screaming "Dot!  Dot!  Dot!"

He also uses her gear whenever she's not.  This picture cracks me up-- he is part baby and part big boy with Harry's iPod.
Love the neon-- on trend for spring-- and her fabulous hat.
I am so, so screwed when Ben goes back to work on Monday, especially because the kids are still on spring break.  I spent the whole morning with all 4 while Ben cleaned out the garage to make room for our super ginormous double stroller.  4 kids is a shitload of kids.  We stopped playing with tents and tubes to go upstairs for a snack-- all 3 boys side-by-side on the bench at the table-- and Harry said "This is just like playgroup!"  BECAUSE THAT'S HOW MANY DAMN KIDS WE HAVE.
Multitasking WIN! Cooper loves taking a bath with Jack!
We are trying to get Cooper to not use his paci during the day.  This makes him sad.
Tummy time! And she hung out in her crib while I put away some laundry.
How in the world did I have 4 red haired, blue eyed babies? (sure, Coop has gray eyes now, and H is a brunette, and J is blond, but still!)
Um, this stroller is ginormous!  Also, it's a BOB Ironman, which is going to make walking through the frozen tundra simple, but the front wheel doesn't swivel, so it corners like a mack truck.
Cooper is so big!  He feels like a dough ball, and he's so heavy compared to Dorothy.  We can't tell if he's grown, or if we've just changed our expectations.  In any case, his feet are the cutest.
At 8:5, it's almost my bedtime.  Tomorrow, we're thinking about a trip to the zoo and maybe even to see the creepy Easter Bunny.  Wish us luck!


Chiconky said...

"Just like play group!" made me laugh out loud! Good luck tomorrow! And that stroller is huge, but I'm sure you'll love it. I saw a woman jogging with one the other day, while talking on a blue tooth and also holding a dog leash. I've never felt so inferior

Meredith said...

Chiconky, you're "inferior" comment had Me laughing out loud!

sarah said...

its amazing how big toddlers seem when a new baby comes along. When my friend K had her Cooper a few months before you had your Cooper, our kindergarteners seemed positively teen-aged-sized in comparison.

LOL @ "just like play group" That has to be one of the best things about having a shitload of kids--built in playgroup!

Becca said...

That playgroup comment is hysterical.

Good luck on Monday. If anyone can do it, you can! I have about three weeks (probably) between my due date and the start of public school, then a week then preschool (and MY school, OMG). I am hoping I can fill the gaps with grandparents.

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