Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cooper the monkey is almost 18 months old

As his year-and-a-half birthday approaches on the 9th, I have been making a list of his words because the doctor will ask if he has 10 at least, and since we are not planning to take him to the doctor until we have the baby and have to go to a thousand check-ups in the first few weeks, I am sure these details will slip my mind when I have another special snowflake to focus on.  (Speaking of, how is Cooper going to react to me holding and feeding a new baby?  Ben thinks he will scream and break things.  I am hoping for a gentler transition).

Things Cooper says at least some of the time:
This (mainly in reference to his beloved pacifier)
Fish (goldfish crackers-- stay classy)
Juice (he has only had orange juice and only a couple of times-- we are not juice people, I SWEAR, but I have to include it because the kid doesn't have very many words)
Harry-- he HAS said this a few times, but it is not in his usual rotation
Night night
Want this -- all one word
Need this-- all one word
I did it-- all one word

He also roars when you ask him what a dinosaur says, and the other day, he was playing with a Fisher Price dog on his Little People house, and the dog was making some tortured animal sound-- not your traditional bark.

Oh!  And the cutest thing ever-- he can say the baby's name.

Cooper is really the reason we are having another baby.  Because he was such a good baby (which is a really dumbass reason).  Because he is the most delectable toddler ever (although it was already too late to turn back before he became such a cute little monkey).  But mainly because before Cooper, we had Harry and Not Harry.  Adding a third TOTALLY DIFFERENT kid to the mix has been such a trip-- I want to see how another one turns out.

Edited to Add:

I forgot that he also says kiss and all done.  Usually he screams ALL DONE THIS at meal times when we are too slow to wash him off and free him from his chair.


  1. Your kids are so fun! I can't wait to see the girl version!

  2. He is a cutiepie! Love what he did with the oranges. I agree, adding the third was FUN. The tantrummy twos are not fun to relive, however. Good times. Hope you have a better experience.