Friday, March 22, 2013

1 week!

Cooper's toes--he likes to sit next to me on the couch while I am nursing *spoiler alert: I am always nursing* and play with the animal noises app on my phone. I have read 3.5 books in this baby's 7 days-- lots of couch time.
Gymboree and Baby Gap super teeny up to 7 lb clothes are getting small, and she can wear Carter's newborns.
Jack made bunny ears at school-- his last day before SPRING BREAK!  They don't go back until April 2-- Ben is on FMLA until April 1, thank God.  Also, WTAF, Wisconsin?  Harry and Jack picked them to win!  I had them out in the sweet 16, but STILL!
Moby!  It was good for breakfast this morning and cleaning up lunch this afternoon.
Jack finally figured out that he could change te camera view on my phone, and he took 100 selfies just like this.
She took this nap, one in the rock n play while I showered, and 2 quickies in the Ergo, but otherwise was up most of the day.  Um. 
We all picked Harry up from school-- her first walk across the street and the first day of her life that temps climbed above freezing.
Cooper is so self sufficient.  He can access his own snacks and bowls, and he has turned this shelf into his table. He spilled his water and cleaned it up with a towel he got out of the drawer.
And he can jump!
Dorothy is a week old today.  She already looks bigger, and she lost her umbilical cord stump this morning.  She's so sweet and snuggly-- we can't believe our luck.


  1. You guys are doing fantastic! This makes me look forward to the newborn stage, which is not usually my favorite part (2 and up is my sweet spot).

  2. You make it look so easy--I'm thinking of Joli-Pitt'ing my way into a shitload of kids.