Sunday, February 19, 2012


We are heading into week 4 of perfect breastfeeding, meaning I should be losing my milk by the end of the week for about 3 days.  Then it will come in again, only to vanish 4 or 5 days later for another 3 days.  Then, it will come back for about a month. 

To cope with the shortage this month, we have a solid repertoire of solid foods Cooper loves (solid solids!  ha!).  He still won't drink formula from a bottle, and my freezer stash is still dwindling. He will, though, eat (organic) oatmeal mixed with Gerber GoodStart, so that's progress!  Last month and the month before that, he only needed a coupe of bottles to get through the rough patch, and he eats about 4 ounces of Gerber a day with his oats (well, I serve him that much-- he eats about half.  I don't want to replace nursing with solids-- just want solids to be there in case the milk is low), so we should be good.

So far, we have been feeding him like he is a horse in a children's book-- apples, oats, carrots.  This week, he also tried bananas (pureed with breastmilk and thickened with oatmeal, which he lapped up like crazy) and sweet potatoes, his least favorite food so far, but he does eat them-- he just makes a horrible face on the first bite or 2.  I bought a bag of pears and a butternut squash to try later this week when he finishes off his yams and honeycrisp applesauce. 

Making baby food is fun and easy with the Baby Cook. I feel bad that I didn't make Harry and Jack's food-- it is so easy, and I like knowing exactly what's in the food.  Um, just food.  Maybe some breastmilk.  Maybe some water.

Today was gorgeous-- we celebrated by taking a long walk and hanging out spontaneously with some neighbors-- a little boy in Harry's class and his mom, who is also navigating PhDdom and academia with small kids.  Gotta love this town.  But the weather was so nice, it made me worry about when it's no longer coat season.  That means I am going to have to get dressed to take the kids to school.  Now I just trade pajama bottoms for yoga pants and thrown on a long coat-- super glam.

Normally I would caption these pictures, but I need to dream feed the baby and go to sleep.  And by go to sleep, I mean read the scary book on my iPad until way too late.


  1. Okay, he is ahead of AJU7 on actually eating things. We have tried apple, sweet potato, and banana so far. AJU7 will open up for the food, and she will even play with it in her month. But, is almost all comes out in a few minutes. It is a fun "mess" to clean up if it is soupy, so I have been going more chunky lately and just letting her "feed" herself - less work for me and the same or less mess!

    Hopefully this month will go as you expect and hence be easier on all of you!

  2. So cute! Glad the feeding is going well!

  3. I want to know what you're reading. I also can't believe how grown-up Harry and Jack are looking!