Monday, February 27, 2012

Case of the

The kids' bathroom upstairs smells like pee, and I can't figure out why.  I spent a long time yesterday scrubbing all surfaces and still.  Something has been peed on, and I don't know what it is.  So, you might want to use a different bathroom when you come over is what I am saying.  Also, I just decided that when the kids are big enough to have body hair and use deodorant, I need a bigger house-- one where I never have to encounter their grooming areas because ew.

Nothing puts me in a bad mood quite like a Monday morning, and then I get ll annoyed with myself for being so unoriginal-- as case of the Mondays is super eye-roll inducing.  I promise not to clog up anyone's Facebook feed with proclamations about how bad Mondays suck, but today I almost unfriended all the Monday complainers on my list-- that's how annoyed I get on Monday mornings.

On Mondays, my adorable children are not 3 precious little boys-- they are one jiggling, 100-pound pile of need and labor.  Gathering snow pants, boots, lunchboxes and water bottles for school.  Helping Jack find the right day-of-the-week underpants and having him freak the freak out when I suggest that he might not want to wear them backwards.  He does, actually.  And he LIKES his shoes on the wrong feet dammit.   Telling Harry 54 times to get dressed.  When he comes into my room where I am nursing Cooper for the third time since he woke up to ask me how he looks reminding him that he still needs to find socks and trade pajama pants for jeans.  Reminding him of this 6 more times.  Settling a fussy baby on his gym with his taggie blanket for 2 minutes while I try to make beds.  Making beds with fussy baby on my hip.  Supervising tooth brushing that is not helped, in my opinion, by a singing Justin Bieber tooth brush.

It took us 21 minutes to out on hats, coats, and boots and get in the freaking car-- 4 minute spent taking off boots so we could run back inside and get our backpacks and lunchboxes and then putting our boots back on.

Mondays mess up Cooper's very tentative sleep schedule because he has to ride to preschool drop off and then walk to kindergarten drop off, and he sometimes falls asleep and sometimes doesn't.  Today was a doesn't, and while he did nod off for 30 minutes around 9, by noon he was squalling, sleep-fighting, and sporting purple circles under his eyes.  Good times.

Mondays are fragmented days for me-- mom work in the morning, academic work in the afternoon, Ben and I waving at each other in passing. 

Wake me when it's Friday, would you?


  1. "100 lb jiggling pile of need" is DEAD ON. OMG. I was ready to sell every last one of them this morning. And I didn't even have to work today! And no, we are not capable of getting anything ready the night before. I totally get where you're coming from. It's awful every week!

  2. Julie7:49 AM

    Hi Sarah,
    It's funny yoou should mention this. I read a remedy to this on pinterest last week. You might want to check it out!