Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Day

Not an official snow day-- Harry didn't have school because the teachers had a professional development day.  But still.  We were home all day, and everything was covered with snow.  So.  Snow day.  Like I said.
Not sure why he looks melancholy-- this was the best snow we have had all season-- very wet and packy

Cooper was aggressively bundled the whole time-- he was sweaty even, and we were out for an hour.  Note the Ziploc of blueberries and carrots for the snowman's face.  The birds have already eaten the snowman's face.

Mushroom snow cloud.  Or cauliflower, as Ben says, because he is not so weird.

Before the birds ate his face

We walked to school so Harry and Jack could sled

The snow was a little too wet for good sledding, even after they forced themselves down the hill a few time and made a track. So we trudged home and had hot chocolate, natch.


  1. Oh. This makes me miss snow days so much! Also, I love that even your snowmen are organic and healthy :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your seasonally appropriate weather. It looks beautiful!

  3. I miss snow!!! And I love the snow cauliflower.