Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Cross-eyed baby

I have developed a really unhealthy relationship with Whole Foods guacamole.  We all have, actually.  Well, not Cooper, but I did buy him an avocado to try this week, so maybe he'll get in on the action, you know, minus the garlic and whatever else makes the best guacamole in the world.

Downloaded the Team Umizoomi iPad app today, and Jack can now add and subtract.  Best $6.99 I have spent in awhile.

Jack had his first playdate with only his friend today-- usually, he just tags along with Harry or we play with sibling pairs.  In related news, Jack needs to work on sharing.

As soon as I wrote that about Cooper napping in his car seat, he went an entire morning-- from 6:30 until 12:50-- without sleeping AT ALL, despite 2 car trips, lots of rocking, nursing, etc.  FINALLY, he cried for a few minutes and passed out in his crib until 2:30.  Sure, he was loosing his shit by the post-dinner hour, but that nap was beautiful.  And he was in a really good mood when Harry got home, which was definitely needed because Harry always comes home a little melty.

Harry also comes home a little hungry.  Today, he ate a cereal bar on the walk, drank a cup of milk as soon as he walked in the door, helped himself to a cookie, then requested some kefir and a piece of leftover pizza.  Damn.
This doesn't count as screen time.  More like school.  Also, note the chaos behind him.

So hungry

Really need to take the tag off that thing


  1. I cannot keep up with Charlie's appetite right now. For school lunch he has a PB&J, milk, string cheese, yogurt, and an apple. And he is always STARVING when I pick him up an hour later. The teenage years are going to bankrupt us.

  2. My kids LOVED avocados. I added pureed/chopped up chicken and tomatoes and it was a huge hit. I'd eat it with them too.

  3. AJU7 can be really unpredictable with naps. We just moved her to her "own" room (ie. the guest room), so maybe she can get on a schedule or something (because it can drive me batty!). And the sharing thing - totally normal! AJU5 still has issues, and so do most of the kids in her Cubbies class (3-4 yo)...

  4. What time does he eat lunch? Emmie eats at 11:05 and after school at 3 eats a half sandwich, milk, a piece of fruit and sometimes a string cheese. It's second lunch. Jack eats at 12:15 and he's cool with a string cheese and a piece of fruit.

    I find the WF guac a little too spicy. But it is yummy.