Thursday, February 09, 2012

5 months old!

I am pretty sure Cooper is teething.  He's exhibiting all the signs: buckets of drool, determined finger eating, rubbing his bath towel across his gums and protesting when I tried to use it to dry him.  Plus, he has been up 3 times since he went to bed 4 hours ago.  I see a long night ahead for me, so I will post these pics and run-- I am trying so hard to get to bed before 10:30, and I am consistently failing.  That's my big Friday night plan: to go the f*ck to sleep-- ambitious and glamorous.

Our sweet baby is 5 months old today and affable despite the oral distress:


  1. AJU7 is right there with Cooper on the buckets of drool, chewing on fingers, etc. She is older than the other two for first teeth too- so hopefully soon! This waking every few hours to nurse at night (probably in pain or discomfort) is getting old for sure!

    And the getting to bed part - yeah, terrible here too. I just enjoy the quiet of the house at night, being able to get things done, I think. Hopefully soon we can both get some good rest!

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    the three young men are adorable, but that's great'grandma speaking...Bomma

  3. Love the pictures! He's becoming a little person, so much fun! And we're teething over here too. He soaks his down coat all the way through with drool. And is SUPER crabby. Hope you all get some relief soon!

  4. how cute are those pictures!!! love the last one of all three of them! presssshhhhus!