Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookies! Also, where did my good sleeper go?

The baby.  He sleeps with me.
Last night, swaddle-free, he woke 5 times between 6:30 and 10. At 10, I scooped him up and went to bed. We slept with our arms flung around each other until 6:15, waking once for a quick snack at 3:40. He slept great and gave me an open-mouthed, gummy expression of delight when he woke us both up with a stretch and a yawn. I slept like shit, though, because I kept waking up at his slightest grunt or shimmy and because I stayed perfectly still on my side all night long. I have a limp today. He fought us like crazy for his morning nap, but when I finally put him in a Swaddle Me blanket with his arms out, he slept for an hour. He fell asleep in the car on the way home from lunch (when Ben and are both home and Harry is at school we almost always take Jack out for lunch, which is exactly what Harry is afraid of), so I am letting him continue to nap in the carseat, flat head be damned.

Question: If your babies slept on their backs, how did they NOT get a flat spot?

Yesterday, I spent about 7 hours making about 90 cookies.
They are delicious. I credit my new mixer.
How have I lived 33 years and 6 months without that thing? It's incredible. My butter cream frosting? The best ever. Could be the heavy whipping cream I used instead of milk, could be that the mixer beat the hell out if it. The cookies? Perfection. I ate my face off yesterday but today I have only had 1 2 3.
I got majorly sick of the project after only applying one bag of green and half a bag of red frosting, but I persevered.
Jack licked the frosting bowl
I made a little decorating station for Harry to man after school
He turned out a whole plate of cookies for the fat man
Speaking of fat: What the hell? Why am I still? Why are my stomach muscles not magically tightening themselves like they did after the other boys, and why is breastfeeding not the miracle diet it has always been before? Is it because I am so damn old?


  1. Let me know if you figure out that fat thing. I'm thinking about getting a trainer in the new year. And I hate fitness.

    But YAY for holiday baking, right? Is there anything better? I'm going to make some cinnamon rolls tonight and am SO excited.

  2. It was cinnamon roll baking day at our place, too. It smells heavenly in here and the kids' teachers were in heaven when they tasted their gifts!

    You're doing the right thing giving up the swaddle!!!!

  3. Tripod10:30 PM

    Your cookies are gorgeous! I just made peanut butter&kisses and rocks for the 2nd time this season. But that is it!