Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Okay, her'es the deal:  something's rotten in the state of breastfeeding.  It's 11:49 am, and I have Cooper strapped to me in the Ergo FINALLY asleep.  I am dreading 1 hour and 11 minutes from now when he'll need to eat again because that is when the screaming will start.

My milk is not letting down.  At all.  Okay, a little bit, but only after about 10 minutes of sucking.  Understandably, Cooper does not have the patience to suck this long without freaking out.  Once it lets down, he only eats for 3 or 4 minutes and when we try the other side, the screaming begins again.

The only totally easy feedings we have are the one in the middle of the night and the first one of the morning (although he screamed through that one this morning, now that I think about it.  Hmm, maybe we only have 1 easy feeding).

I have been googling organic formula in BPA-free cans all morning.

Mid-hunt for the nonexistent let down, I have been trying to feed him pumped milk to take the edge off, but he won't freaking eat anything out of a freaking bottle no matter what temperature it is. 

He is peeing and pooping like normal and still sleeping 8 hours at night.  WTF is going on, and WTF can I do about it?  I have googled slow let down and am trying to implement some suggestions from kelly mom, but THIS SUCKS.  Advice?


  1. Call La Leche league or a lactation consultant from your ob and see if they can help. Maybe it is the lack of caffeine (just kidding). Good luck!

  2. I second Kim's advice. Also, since you have an idea of when he will eat, can you try to pump some on one side to see if you can get a let-down that way (so he isn't having to suck as long)? AJU7 has days where she won't nurse as much during the day (teething I think), but it isn't because of let down I don't think...

  3. Kirsten12:40 PM

    Can you pump to start let down before he latches on? how much water are you drinking? I am guilty of drinking way too little. You should be measuring it in the hundreds of ounces. Showers stimulate let down...maybe pop in there 5 minutes before he wants to eat? And if he keeps having enough wet diapers, don't worry too much. He'll do the work to get fed if you let him. (I'm not a professional, just a reader who has nursed 2 kids...1 for 28 mos and one for 7, because he's 7 months old.) Good luck!

  4. Lesley7:41 PM

    Have you ever heard of the leaky boob website/Facebook page? There is a ton of good advice & lots of nursing moms. I would definitely increase your water intake & maybe try the nursing oatmeal cookies. I'm guessing he'd be super pissed if not only he has to drink out of a bottle but now it tastes different so hopefully you resolve this quickly! Good luck!

    P.S. not a professional either just nursed 4 kids :)

  5. I have the recipe for the lactation cookies. I'll email it to you.

    Try the pumping idea. Remember, after 3 months, you're not going to feel the letdown as much as you did when he was brand spanking new. Your let down might be happening, he may be upset for a different reason.

    Definitely seek out a boob group. They are such a huge help and they would be able to give more advice.

    If he's pooping and peeing fine, then I would wait him out. Are there teeth coming? Maybe he has an upset tummy? Ugh, hope you some relief from the crying soon. I'm going to go email you the cookie recipe I use pronto.

  6. Are you taking Fenugreek? Your sweat and pee will smell like maple syrup but it helps with milk production and let down. Might be worth a try. It helped me significantly with Em. 2-3 capsules 3x/day. Good luck with whatever you try!

  7. Second on the Fenugreek suggestion. As for the formula, from my research, the organic stuff is not better, but actually worse than the normal stuff. The organic brands, like similac organic, use cane sugar, which is really bad for their tooth enamel, can lead to overeating, and a preference for sweeter foods and drinks.

  8. Definitely agree that you're probably letting down, it's just not as forceful as it used to be because you're settling in. I wonder if it's a growth spurt and he's just really hungry and that's the problem?

    If you do think it's letdown, get two disposable diapers and soak them in the hottest water you can get out of the tap. Wring them out so they're not dripping, then lean forward and cup them on your boobs for five minutes or so. Moist heat is the best for milk. Also pump and nurse as much as you can. Maybe try your pumping trick of pumping one side and then as soon as you get the letdown, feed him there and prime the pump on the other side.

    Agree with everyone else -- water, water, water. Also two bags of oatmeal for breakfast. And sleep. Sleep is SO important for breastfeeding success. Seriously, get a sitter and get some rest. Will he take the bottle from Ben? If he's just fighting you on it it's probably because he wants the boob.

    You can do it! Call me if you need to talk it out -- I love me some lactation consultancy.

  9. Yes, fenugreek. And I agree with pumping to get it going. In a worst case scenario there is a teeny tiny little hose that you can slip into their mouth while they are latched on to you and you can feed him your stored milk from a bottle. That worked really well for me. And, the more he'll suck and get something the more your body will produce. Oh Sarah, I'm sending you a virtual hug. Been there. Hang tight.