Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Three Stooges

OMG! Baby boy #3 is on his way!

First we saw the penis, and we were all, It's a boy!

Then we saw the fetus playing with his penis, and we were all, Wow. It's REALLY a boy.

A boy.

3 boys.

We are so excited, ad we're pouring over our lists of names from the last 2 times, trying to find one that doesn't scream not-good-enough-for-your-brothers-but-okay-for-baby-three. Suggestions?

21 weeks and 3 days:

The tech said the baby weighs about a pound. The other 11 are all me.


  1. OH YAY! As much as I'm sure you were dreaming of pink ruffles and dolls and girly things, it will be so much better to have THREE BOYS! Three crazy boys. Your house will be wild and wonderful, with a beautiful mama.

  2. Congratulations! And remember there is also fluid and such - so it isn't ALL you. But, I am up 28 lbs after 25 weeks. So, don't complain 1 bit!

  3. YAY!! Three boys sounds like such fun! Chaos of the best kind. Congratulations!

    BTW: By 21 weeks I was up about 35 lbs. You look fabulous! Like AJU5 said, there's also fluid and such. I'd bet maybe 3 is you.

  4. Congratulations Sarah! And how funny that you saw him entertaining himself!!

    No comment on how much weight I was up with both kids at 21 weeks... too much and way more than 11!! :)

  5. Woo hoo!!! So far three boys is lots of fun here, but I know next summer when everyone is walking it is going to be INSANE. But a good kind of insane.

    You look fab!

  6. Ha! A name not good enough for your brothers. Hahahahaha!

    You know what though, could you imagine Harry anything other than a Harry? I mean, is he a James? No. He's a Harry.

    When we have baby number 3 (nope, not pregnant yet), we're pretty set up girl name wise, but this'll be the last chance to get to actually use a boy name that we like.

    I'm so excited it's another boy!!!

  7. Yay!!!! LOL @ a name thats's not good enough for your brothers but okay for you.

    our boy's name list had Samuel, Noah, Caleb, Max, Aaron and Seth on it. And of course, there's always Ethan...

    You look fabulous!!! 12lbs?! That's nothing! I think I gained that in the past week eating cadbury eggs (I'm kidding....I think).

  8. hooray a boy! I can't imagine having three boys - although given the fact that my boy is the only one of my kids who has never intentionally dismantled anything in the house, maybe I should wish I had all boys.

    At this point we are narrowed down to just one boy name (Henry) in case we are ever surprised by a 4th baby, so I've basically forgotten all the other boy names I like. Except for Owen, which a lot of people hate for some reason.

    And you look great - I'm still up 15 lbs and I'm not even pregnant!