Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack: The Morning Edition

Jack flung himself into our bed at 5:15, shouting, "Dada! Me three!"

By 5:45, he could hold off no longer, so he threw his new sweater from Bomma on over his jammies and (in his words) "me rushed downstairs."

After an obscenely early wakeup and some donuts, we are anticipating total meltdown somewhere between his family lunch part y and his bouncy-house preschool friend party. Should be epic.

Here are some pictures of his morning.


lonek8 said...

for some reason I thought he was already three. huh

Happy Birthday Jack!!

Anonymous said...

sure glad he likes the sweater..Happy Birthday Jack, Bomma

Becca said...

So fun! Can't believe he's three!

Chiconky said...

Happy Birthday Jack! He looks about 7 in these pictures. Isn't it amazing how that happens?

What's with Thor? Eli's obsessed too, and I've never heard anything about it.

Amy said...

Happy birthday, Jack! or, as Emmie refers to him, "Jack Harry" because we know so many Jacks. Adorable.

The bunny doughnut looks DELICIOUS.