Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Number 3

I love Baby Gap.

As soon as we left the ultrasound room, I was ready to shop for Baby 3. I went to Super Target where nothing was cute enough to buy. I mean, it was all plenty cute and I am sure I will buy a truckload of it before he's here in September, but nothing was cute enough to celebrate finding out the baby's sex, you know? So I bought myself some pajamas and work out clothes instead and then I had to go pick up the big boys at school and go to the gym (where I learned after the fact that the childcare room has HEAD LICE, so keep your fingers crossed for us). Today, though, the boys and I went to the mall. We poked around a giant Carter's sale at Boston Store, but I couldn't buy anything because I kept losing Jack in the racks. Then we browsed Gymboree, but I feel like I have a ton of newborn rompers from there that Harry and Jack wore, and I wasn't moved by the cuteness to buy more until I sort through some tubs of crap downstairs and find out just how many pastel jungle animals my little man already has to wear. Finally we went to Baby Gap, which, really is the only place I needed to go.

Such cute stuff!

I am a sucker for black baby clothes-- they crack me up

The print is tiny little scooters

Oh! and this is too, too cute, and it's size "Up to 7 Pounds," which is a size both my other boys wore for a while

Skulls and guitars!

I cannot WAIT to hit up the boutiques for some Paul Frank and Zutano! And before you say that I have 2 boys and don't need any other clothes, 2 things: 1. Breastfed-baby poop stains like no other substance on earth 2. This is a FALL baby, and I have only had spring and summer babies, so he'll need more snuggly clothes. Duh.

Okay, back to this:

Because this kid seriously needs a name. I don't even have a nickname for him-- he's just Baby 3. I was dead set on Cooper yesterday, but then I mentioned it to Harry and he screamed "Pooper!" and fell off his bed he was laughing so hard. So. Yeah. No.


  1. Call him Trey (like Tres, for 3)
    I LOVE the baby clothes! I especially like the skulls and guitars. Punk babies make me giggle. Syd has a skull and crossbones dress that makes me so so happy.

  2. Oh man the potty talk. Love the cute snuggly clothes!! My kids would have worn "up to 7 lb" clothes as 36 week fetuses. I can't even imagine James as a tiny newborn anymore. Swoon!

  3. I. Can't. Stop. Laughing. Thank god you figured out that horrible, inevitable nickname before you got tied to the idea!

    Adore babyGap clothes, especially for boys, especially for newborns. I'm pretty sure The Pup lived in nothing but their onesies for the first month--they were the only ones small enough and soft enough (and durable to be washed again and again and again and again). The skulls and guitars are awesome!

  4. Dude, Cooper was on our short list if Emmie or Maeve was a boy! Also, Charlie. Huge fan of James (clearly, Becca and I share good taste) and Will.

    All my kids wear Gap exclusively, thanks to Grandma. Emmie looks divine in black, so I am thrilled it's in style right now.

  5. The rhyming potential of names is very important! My maiden name was relentlessly mocked all through school, and it drove me nuts. My brother-in-law took care to point out the obvious schoolyard rhyme for us while we briefly considered the name Bartholomew, nickname "Bart."

    I love the skull and crossbones! Super tough!

  6. Sarah, I know I said we weren't going to share our babies name with anyone but now I feel differently. I think I should call you with our short list and have you test it out on the boys so that we have a Harry and Jack approved name. It could save my child YEARS of torment and sadness. You game????

    PS: "Pooper", I'm still giggling!

  7. Isn't baby-clothes shopping the best?! It doesn't even include the guilt that shopping for yourself does because buying clothing for your child is a selfless act, right?
    I second Charlie. Or what about Liam? Too British?

  8. I love that book. I thought I lost it,then freaked out and bought another. Now, I've got two. I always loved this family who named their four sons Christian, Carson, Cooper and Carter. Loved em' all. Then it was my turn and I really liked the name Dash. Dashal is the more formal "presidential" name. Eugene wasn't feelin' it though.

    I'm off to the baby Gap. Stellar purchases Sarah.

  9. HAHAHA @ "Pooper" so fantastic! Ethan wore "up to 7lbs" for about 4 months. I am going to need you to post pictures of every single baby item you buy, mkay?