Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peer Pressure

Jack had his 3-year well-check yesterday, and we found that he is totally normal but has really big tonsils and probably huge adenoids which would explain why he snores like an old man, which is cute, but also warranted a referral to a pediatric ENT. I asked if he'd have to have anything removed (unlikely, unless the snoring is caused by apnea), and on the way home, Harry told Jack very seriously that the only way his tonsils would come out was if the doctor cut off his head. As you might imagine, Jack was a little concerned. He was also really pissed off because I told him no shots at the 3-year appointment but he actually needed a booster. Harry was jubilant. Jack ate a sucker during the injection and did not cry until we ran to Target afterwards, and he didn't get a toy for his pain. ("But me had shot! Me need toy! I give up," he said before bursting into tears.)

Our regular nurse, the nurse who asks all of the developmental questions, and the pediatrician asked Jack if he was potty trained. Jack shrugged and told them all "Sometimes, sometimes not," which is sort of accurate given that he will generally pee on he potty when prompted and has pooped on it, too. When we got home, he demanded underpants. Then he peed himself 5 times throughout the afternoon before telling me around 4:30, "Mama, me need diaper. Me have poop." Well, okay, then. Better than than crapping his pants.

I actually could care less if he wants to wear a Pull-Up for the foreseeable future or if he'd like to maybe think about using the toilet. Whatev-- it's totally up to him. I just think it's funny that he felt pressured into ditching the Pull Up for the afternoon. He went through a potty phase about a year ago when he requested tons of ladies underwear, but he's pretty much over it for now. I had a brief fantasy yesterday that we might have a few months without any kids in diapers, but alas.


  1. Yep, that's where Julia is. She'll totally pee in the toilet, but forget about pooping in it. Whatever. I tried to kind of force it, but that was a giant mistake (which I totally knew, so why'd I do it?!). She'll eventually poop in the toilet. She is super proud of herself for "tinkling" in the toilet, so that's great.

    We get shakes after shots. My mom used to do that when I had to get shots (or go to the dentist...even in high school...) and I feel shots warrant it. :)

  2. I love the "I give up" comment! Priceless!

  3. Tripod8:50 AM

    I LOVE THE PUN TITLE! It took me a minute (day) to get it. Maybe a dash would help as in "Pee-er"

  4. At least he isn't having accidents. Diapers or potty - they are about the same amount of work if they aren't totally independent and accident free. I love his attitude about it though.