Sunday, April 24, 2011


Do you like my super awesome and sexy egg dyeing outfit?

How about Harry's totally awesome egg-dyeing glasses?

Ben's egg dyeing work area?

Harry and Jack both wore super serious looks of concentration

I think this was Jack's first time. He was an old pro by the end, though.

Harry ended up with green hands for a long time.

Jack's were more tie-dyed

We would have made an even dozen, but I used 3 to make Matzo Brei

Harry left the Bunny a plate of carrots and spinach dip and a glass of chocolate milk. All were gross by morning.

The Bunny hid Harry's baskets in a couple of difficult spots. He found the first one-- in the shower--right away, which surprised us because who the heck looks in the shower first thing in the morning? The other one stumped him. He looked in the oven, the fridge.

He ran down the basement stairs

To look in the laundry room

He was starting to get frustrated when he realized one place he hadn't checked. He narrowed his eves and sprinted toward the front closet. SUCCESS!

Then I had to start opening packages and assembling crap. Thanks, Bunny.

But he brought me (and Ben) a huge box of Fannie May, so what can I say.

The Bunny also his a bunch of Fannie May eggs all over the place, and Harry loved them more than any other candy he's ever encountered. He asked if the Bunny made them himself because they were the best chocolate he's ever had. I totes agree.
Jack licked one and said, "Me hate this," then he devoured a way inferior Palmer's crunchy bunny sucker.

I made eggs and pancakes, but the kids were too high on candy to eat them. We left the dirty dishes in the sink and plastic eggs and their contents (SIlly Bandz! Stickers! Squinkies! Bakugan dragon balls!) strewn all over the floor, which was difficult for the neat freak in me to handle, and went to a children's service at our church. Once again, the Unitarians lived up to our expectations of freaking perfect. Much discussion of life and the rebirth of spring and the importance of tradition, nothing else except a really cute children's choir. After services, we had a lovely brunch and then came home to glaze a ham-- pretty much a perfect day. My favorite moment? The baby kicked like crazy at the meeting house when the choir was singing, and Harry put his hand on my belly in time to feel it.


  1. That last part is wonderful. I am so excited for you guys!

    Looks like a great Easter!

  2. Love that last part! Happy (belated) Easter!