Friday, April 22, 2011

Fat Friday

I have made great strides in the weight gain department.

One minute Ben and I were marveling because I am carrying differently than I did in my previous pregnancies and at the 1/2-way point I had only gained 8 or 9 pounds. Then BAM! Two chins, a fat nose, upper-arm bat-wings and the big 12-pound mark. At 21 weeks. I still have 2 pairs of regular jeans that fit, and my maternity pants are way too big and slither down the minute I put them on, but my control-top tights almost killed me yesterday and NOT IN THE STOMACH.

I have gained 6 pounds since I saw the doctor in March, and I don't go back until May when I could experience the dread double-digit between-appointment gain. (I actually like how infrequently I have had to see the doctor so far. He said I would normally have had an April appointment, but since I have a 21-week ultrasound on Tuesday, he figured I didn't need to also wait around for a half an hour to be seen for 7.5 minutes this month. Love that. He also said if I felt uncomfortable about ANYTHING between appointments, I could call his direct line and get right in. Love that, too.)

I definitely have less heartburn than I ever have had while pregnant, but I think this probably has more to do with the baby's position than with its head of hair, even though the old wives tale says this one is a baldy because heartburn=hair.

I can still sleep comfortably on my stomach, and I finally look more pregnant than fat, although the recent arm-weight gain is screwing with that.

I have been trying to lay off the hotdogs, but I have been slurping down the Sonic limeades and fun-size Butterfingers, and I ate all the Easter candy yesterday. Before Easter.

H and J are on spring break this week, and yesterday, Ben busted out his inner Martha and made cookies with them all morning, then took a trip to the craft store to stock up on sock-puppet supplies in the afternoon. On Wednesday, I spent most of my time with the children scrubbing the floor and yelling at them to stay off of it while frantically trying to write in the slim windows of time allotted to me by the TV babysitter. Magical moments. (Although, to be fair, I get to be with them EVERY Wednesday, and Ben's days with them were a special treat.)

So, Tuesday. The big ultrasound. Boy or girl. Any guesses?


  1. Lesley Davis, Esq7:57 AM

    Girl! Less heartburn & general misery + candy addiction = girl. Can't wait to find out! Congrats!

  2. I'm convinced you're having another boy. I am also (im)patiently waiting to see what you name your kiddo since I love the first to names of your already birthed children. :)

    I had major heartburn with Ebeth and non with Julia and both had a head full of hair (jet black!).

  3. Boy! Hope the baby cooperates on Tuesday!

  4. I think girl too! Have fun at the ultrasound on Tuesday!

  5. 1. You're having another boy! I'm an excellent baby-predictor-psychic and I'm feeling "boy"

    2. I may be stalking your blog too much, b/c every random add that comes up on FB urges me to "lose the baby weight!".

    3. I have no baby weight, only weight I've had since I was a fat little baby.

  6. I am guessing girl because this one seems different to you.

    And umm... I am still up probably more than you and I am only 4 weeks ahead of you. So, no fat talking :) Maybe we can motivate each other after our little ones get here to get the weight off! I "addiction" to cereal is probably not helping me...

  7. I vote boy, but maybe that's because I'm living in boy world, total immersion style these days.

    I also had tons of heartburn each time and three very hairy babies.

    The upper arm weight gain? I might have to hire a personal trainer for that. SUCKS.

  8. I learn more about my pregnancy from your blog than from the baby books! Heartburn and hair have something to do with the gender??? I didn't even know they could see hair in the ultrasound until you mentioned it. And I'm always too excited to remember to ask about hair when on the table.

    I'm hoping it's a girl because I need to buy girl clothes for SOMEONE!!! I'll be stalking hourly on Tuesday. :)