Thursday, June 03, 2010

Our week in pictures 5-27-5-31

We had a really excellent end of May-- so much fun I haven't even had time to blog about it or take pictures of it for my family picture blog.

Here's what we've done since we last talked. We:

Enjoyed our last end-of-the-year preschool picnic

Tested out a new cooler in preparation for a picnic where we served chilled baby

Woke up a little grumpy from a car nap on the way to a state park

Loaded up the worst ever stroller for hikes (and the next day almost bought a BOB Dualie at REI)

Showed overwhelming excitement for communing with nature

Climbed on the rocks

Waded in this beautiful lake that was as clear as a glass of water

Covered ourselves in sunscreen for the pool

Dressed Harry up like Joe Dirt

Accessorized a daddy-selected outfit with a potty seat hat

Wrapped Jack up like the little treasure he is

Ate a massive hot dog at brat fest

Wore a hat that looked like a mullet

Discovered the wonder of funnel cake

Frolicked in the sprinkler, refusing to stop even when their lips turned blue

And finally, watched some quality TV


  1. Fun!!! Love the Joe Dirt outfit. And love that he wore it out! Totally awesome.

    My friend here has a cooler just like yours that we fill with water and toys and let the kids play in. We call it "the pooler."

  2. How adorable... Brat fest? JEALOUS.

  3. The Golden Girls! I love it!!

    We recently ditched our double stroller and bought a double BOB (the running stroller). Seriously, it is the best purchase we've made in a long time. Small wheels on double strollers just do not cut it. The BOB goes anywhere, is really comfortable for the kids, and I can exercise with it! (And before I broke my dumb toe, I was running about four times a week!)

  4. I laughed out loud at the Joe Dirt. Let's hope he doesn't discover a pet meteorite. Adorable pictures. Jack is maturing so fast.

  5. awesome week!!

    And love the shout out to GG.

    LMOA @ Becca's comment about "the pooler" We've got one of those two--now it's going to be one of E's summer toys.

  6. Great shot of Harry in the sprinkler!