Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have recently gained a little bit of weight-- nothing too bad. Just 5 pounds. It's been a year (next month) since I lost my 15-ish pounds of dissertation stress weight, and 5 pounds have crept back on.

1 pound by last September. Then another after Christmas. Another in February, followed by another in March. I jumped right back on Sparkpeople at this point because 4 pounds seemed like a lot. I lost 2.5 and called it a day. Ben and I had cheese and wine pigouts almost nightly, and I had dessert at lunch and diner most days.

3.5 pounds later, and I have regained 5 of the 15 I lost. Crap. 5 pounds seems like something I need to do something about. And by something, I mean eat sensibly and exercise. Blah. I have been eating well for 2 days, and I have only lost 0.2 pounds, and I am STARVING. I am proud of myself for coming home from the gym and eating carrots and sugar snap peas (and only 5 Teddy Grahams), but damn! Dinner seems like it's a million years away.

Some painless switches I have made? I traded my 90-calorie Snicker's mini ice-cream bars for 60-calorie Dove minis (Genius!!). I started eating a salad from the grocery store by my office for lunch instead of a (fattening and delicious) sandwich wrap from the deli, and I get my (formerly medium and sugar-filled) lattes small and skinny. I have also traded my daily Zbar (140 calories) for a FiberOne bar (also 140 calories, but has fiber and protein and keeps me fuller longer.) I swapped my organic, pro-biotic 90-calorie breakfast yogurt for an 80-calorie piece of string cheese (which, paired with 1/2 a bagel with peanut butter makes a very filling breakfast for less than 300 calories). Even though I don't serve chemical-laden foods to my kids, I did pick up a pack of 50-calorie FiberOne yogurts for me, and I mix a 45-calorie box of raisins in them for an afternoon snack. After dinner, I am not eating ANYTHING, but I am having wine, beer, or a cocktail if I want one (usually I want one).

What's your favorite diet snack?

(I am not posting this to hear that I don't need to lose weight blah blah blah. I WANT to nip this backslide in the bud before the whole 15 pounds shows up around my hips again) And actually? I blame my freaking gym. The scale I use everyday in the women's locker room was BROKEN and had to be sent back to the manufacturer. This whole process took 2 weeks. I was without scale for 2 whole, snack filled weeks. And yes, I have a scale, but it is not THE scale that I use everyday, so its reading is totally meaningless. Ugh).

In honor of healthy eating: H and J filing their whine holes.

Oh! I am also at AKoP today weighing (ha! weighing!) options for a new bag. Check it out!


  1. Here are my favorite snacks lately:
    FiberOne bars (oat and chocolate)
    Greek Yogurt (fat free, fruit on the bottom)
    Wheat Thins with String Cheese

    On the run, I have raisins with us in case I get hungry. A handful will keep me from getting something a lot worse for me!

  2. I had cheese at all three of my meals today so I'm not the right person to ask.

  3. Are you drinking plenty of water? I mean like, 8 glasses a day... It will help you feel fuller, combat the bloat, and also do wonders for the ol' complexion.

    Then again, I'm also the wrong person to ask. In my youth, when I used to occasionally give a crap about my weight, I did horrible things to myself.

  4. tripod9:36 AM

    I saw a great looking snack/coctail fare on TV at the gym! I might use it as an entree for dinner alone. It was blanched giant snow peapods filled w/a cream cheese & smoked salmon mixture. Looked good!