Sunday, June 27, 2010

June: Not a lot going on

This blog has totally become a blahg lately. June. It's been rainy and relaxing. The end.

My summer school class is wonderful. I love my students-- they're all really smart and jaded, but they're doing really excellent work. Five speeches in four weeks, and no burnout-- that's the goal.

Everyday, I come home from school and either veg with the kids because it's monsooning out or go to the pool. The pool is blissful. We eat ice cream. I stand in the shallow end about a foot away from the edge and Harry and Jack jump off the side. Again and again. For hours. Jack treats us to his best bear impression, standing on the pool's edge and roaring so loud and hard he falls down. We get home in time for dinner, which has been salads and takeout. Or takeout salads. Because we're too busy splashing to cook.

H reunited with an old friend of his from his 2-year-old preschool class, which is funny because it's been more than a year since he's seen her and they only went to school one day a week for 2.5 hours. Still, they remembered each other instantly and play together in the wading pool when the little girl's mother and I are humoring younger siblings with a dip in even shallower water.

We've played in the sprinkler

We've gotten our Buzz on

We've spiced up our Saturday change the sheets moment with some mattress jumping

This morning, the boys slept until 7:30, late and lazy for them.

Despite Harry's face in this next shot, we couldn't be having a better summer.


  1. Yay for lazy summer! We're about to have our last two weeks of lazy summer before our vacation and then fall semester prep time. Amazing how fast it's gone.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    glad summer is fun for you all...we enjoy your blog and pictures..more please

  3. Tripod7:15 PM

    I have seen that last face H is making SEVERAL times on much older kids. Is he humoring you tolerantly, but scornfully?