Sunday, September 14, 2008

2, Too

Remember how I mentioned that we went to Max's 2nd birthday party?

Well, we did. I have pictures. Lots of pictures.

Jack meeting his great grandma J

Jack showing off his impressive height

Harry being super bossy

Jack, the life of the party

Max blowing out his candles

Harry opening a gift from his great grandma J

Jack and Harry modeling their super cool dino robot shirts (Harry was crabby)

And then pretty much the bath time/bedtime cluster I showed you last week.

I know this is a super lame post, but I am so freaking tired and behind in every possible aspect of my life. If a teething Jack ever goes to sleep, (he did not sleep last night) perhaps I can ready a few more entries.

(Oooh-- Ben and I went on a DATE last night. To a nice restaurant where we could actually stay long enough to have dessert and to a bar where we each enjoyed half a drink-- me a bloody mary with n impressive amount of relishes on a stick and him a Hendrick's and tonic).

I am so tired.

Also, if I am supposed to call you or email you...sorry. I am so working on it.


  1. Nice pictures! I hope you can get some rest.

  2. I hope Jack slept better last night! We are going through that I think too - and I understand the lack of sleep.

    Also hope you get caught up on other things this week!