Thursday, September 04, 2008


Last weekend, we hung out with the J grandparents on Saturday morning. We had breakfast and wandered around a random college campus an hour or so south of us.

Harry was way into this sculpture which, randomly enough, was in honor of Emma Goldman, the anarchist and birth control advocate. If only Sanger had stuck with the radical left instead of slipping into bed with the eugenicists. How different would the world be? Could a Sarah Palin exist in such a world?

I love how Harry twists his hair

Afterwards, we went to a food fest on the square, and Jack stuck his little foot right in my beer, spilling it all over himself. Nothing klassier than a 4 month-old baby who reeks of booze.

Harry with a little something right there. Delish.

I'd love to write more, but I am busy ordering a boatload of books from Amazon and just simmering with fury after last night's convention speeches. Talk about giving rhetoric a bad name. Sheesh.

Also, next time you hear from me, I will be the mother of a preschooler. Crazy, huh?


  1. Hilarious how Jack stuck his foot in your beer!! I'm off to Google "eugenicist".

  2. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I don't watch the conventions for these very reasons. I'm 22 now. Gotta watch the blood pressure.

  3. OMG, I hear you about last night's speeches. Seriously, my poor husband tried to, erm, get amorous with me when the coverage ended and I said, "ARE YOU KIDDING?! AFTER THAT?!"

    Suffice it to say, Palin? Not good foreplay...

  4. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Indeed, I spent the week watching US Open Tennis rather than the Repubs. Honestly, anytime I want to hear right-wing nuttery I just call home.

    Also, I've been thinking about memory as an analytical approach. I think there's something to it. When you remember so much of what you read, patterns and contradictions are easier to find. Ask me sometime about the day in Sunday School when I asked my Mom where Cain's wife came from.

    She should have known right then how I'd turn out...