Monday, September 29, 2008

Catch Up

First of all, congratulations to Becca, Ryan, and Charlie who have added a beautiful baby boy to their adorable family!

Jack sends his congrats, too. He's just looking kind of weepy because his bath has become a scary, scary place since he and Harry started bathing a deux,

We've had 2 weekends of grandparents visits in a row, so as you might imagine, my camera is bursting with pictures. Also, Jack has ahead a ton of milestones in the past week. Last Sunday, he started eating rice cereal, and he LOVES it. He also started enjoying a few sips of rat poison-- er Good Start-- from a sippy cup with his meals, and he handles the cup like champ. Oh! And he tried prunes yesterday and liked them (and yes he's still breast feeding and yes, I'm still pumping so he can drink bottles of me when I'm not around). Also, he tried the baby swing at a park for the first time last week.

As you can see, something that has NOT changed is the face he makes when he spies the camera.

Harry enjoys bathing with Jack, although Jack looks a bit freaked out by the whole thing. And who wouldn't? It's a violent kind of love, the love of a big brother.

Nothing really new with Harry. Although we did ask him what he wanted for Chrismukkah because we can' wait to start buying out toy aisles at chain retailers across the country as we simultaneously scheme up new ways to store more plastic crap in our tenny little house. His response? A kayak, a rain cloud, and a volcano. Also he informed us that Grandma Tease (that's what he calls my mom) was getting him a rainbow.

No problem, weirdo, we told him, but we were thinking about how screwed we were.

Then on Sunday, he added a police uniform to the list, and we were marginally relieved. At least we can buy that.

Despite the many, many photos, we were in a hurry to get these guys in bed so we could go out to eat-- our favorite way to spend an evening. Dressed up. Slightly drunk (unless you're Ben or my mom, then you're just DRUNK.) And eating many courses of deliciousness. And if we can do this outside-- bonus. Sure, no crashing ocean in the back ground, so that was kind of a bummer, but there was a delightful hint of fall under the lingering summer breeze that made us all lean in toward the candlelight. And I ate a whole greasy bunch of food without single spill, which meant I could wear the exact same shirt 2 days ago when we went out with Ben's parents for another decadent dinner. Babysitters rock.


  1. Oooh, dinner out? Alcohol? It sounds delightful!! Thanks for the congrats. I'm looking forward to seeing the violent big brother love in my own house in a couple of days.

  2. Glad he is liking the solids and is a champ with the sippy cup!
    He does look a little unsure in the bath - but cute none the less.