Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Come on Ride the Train

Erm, actually, my mom and Jack and I did NOT ride the train. That's how come she could take this pic.

No, we waited on the thrilling kiddie zoo path by the sleeping (always sleeping) wallabies to catch a glimpse oh Harry, Ben, and my dad.

Dude, it would be so cool if this were a real panda.

I have no idea what my dad is saying to Harry. My guess is something creepy.

Our trip, like the 74 million trips to the zoo we've made this summer, culminated in a group carousel ride. Then we donned matching dickies and held hands while we sang "You Are My Sunshine" in two-part harmony.

The zoo has gotten a lot less fun since the train arrived-- it only holds like 10 people at a time, so the line takes for.ev.er. The ride itself takes literally 2 and a half minutes, and the driver (who stopped pointing out all the lazy animals his second week on the job) makes pervy comments to red haired girls.

Thanks for the nice comments on the last post! I really am okay--it's just like constant PMS. So Ben is really the person to be worried about.


  1. We took Charlie on a train that I LOVED as a kid while we were on vacation. The whole time I was like "Is this ever going to end?!" Fortunately Charlie had a blast.

  2. OUr zoo has a train that goes between the parks (zoo, aquarium/gardens, and a beach) and a non-stop (20 minute) train for just the zoo. I can't wait until next summer to take AJU5 on them...
    Harry does look happy and Jack looks content as always!

  3. Looks like FUN! And you are too cute for words, S.