Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hat Head

This is the helmet Ben brought back from Vegas. Excellent work, huh?

Ya think maybe he's teething? Seriously, how much of that duck can he cram in his mouth?

So, as you can see, Harry likes to wear funny hats. He has also appropriated Ben's old Ball State baseball cap, and he really enjoys his santa hat. I smell a humiliating Chrismukkah card!! Or maybe Jon farted.

Happy Thanksgiving. See you after the tryptophan coma wears off.*

* Snopes, the bummer that it always is, says this is crap and that even though turkey has a natural sedative, it doesn't make people especially sleepy. I beg to differ. I guess we'll see this year because I can conduct my own experiment. Usually I pass out drunk after dinner, but since I'm a teetotaler this year, if I'm still toe-up by 7, it must be the turkey. Or the exhaustion. Maybe my experiment has too many variables. Either way, no Wild Turkey for me, unless you mean free range.


  1. It's the turkey. or the wine. no, definitely turkey.

    or the wine...

  2. Does tryptophan work on toddlers? That would be soooo great. Actually he's on hour two of his sleep through the Macy's parade and deny Mommy the Norman Rockwell painting she was hoping for nap. But if this means he will be in a good mood later? I have no complaints.