Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So Tired. Must Sleep.

Hmm. I thought the FIRST trimester was supposed to be the tired one. Here I am, 16 weeks and some odd days pregnant, and I am wiped out. I slept all day on Monday. Ben and I both took sick days. So tired. And I couldn't even drink at the reunion, so it definitely wasn't a hangover.

Heard the baby's elusive little heartbeat on Monday morning and found out that I am officially fat. Ahhh, Pop Tarts.

The reunion was so weird. Unlike a high school reunion where you only see people you knew at one time in your life, we saw tons of people that we knew in various stages of our lives, and it was unsettling to have all these different eras of people together in the same room. And, some of these people were our roommates, not just our classmates, another key difference between this and a HS reunion.
Things I may have said to various roommates:
"Ha! Remember the time I left incense burning in the flower pot in my room and almost burned the whole house down on New Year's Eve? Oh, you're still kind of pissed about that, huh?"

"Ha! Remember that time I let that candle melt all over your wicker end table and almost burned the whole house down? We never could scrape all the wax off your rug, could we? Oh, not funny yet?"

"Ha! Remember that time we fell asleep before the after party with cigarettes burning in our mouths and woke up to find burn marks on the blankets? Wow, that bedspread could have exploded!" [that last thing, I probably said to Ben, who probably did think it was funny because he is probably as irresponsible as I am]

About a million people said they couldn't believe I stopped smoking, which made me realize how many cigarettes I sucked down in college. They were really surprised, too, as if they totally expected to see me and my baby bump enjoying a Camel Light and flinging the burning butt toward a pile of dry leaves or something else flammable.

Look! It's college Ben

Here's me, Marianne, and Dana in 2000 when we were speech team officers

And here wer were last Saturday

Here are some more alums in the judges' lounge

I didn't take very many pictures becuse I was too busy bitching about being sober, but Jamie has some good ones up at her place.

Also? My mom is 55 today-- enjoy that senior citizen discount-- you earned it! Happy Birthday, Mom--we love you!


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Just how do you think I feel with a senior citizen for my daughter and a granddaughter who is making me another great ancestor, but how proud we are of all of you,even the bump...all our love and respect, Bomma

  2. When we got to the church we went to before we moved I found out that two of the hugest partiers I knew in undergrad were both parents AND officers in our Sunday School class. Yeah. You look great, bump and all!!