Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear BabyGap,

I think I might be in love with you. Seriously, you are the only place in the whole mall that makes shopping for boy clothes fun. I mean, Gymboree has nothing-- except for some adorable pajamas every once in a while. Boston Store has some Carter's sleepers. Macy's has about thee Ralph Lauren shirts in the middle of their ridiculously fabulous piles of girl clothes. Children's place is occasionally great, if I can find something without a sport on it, and H&M will be good in about a year, since all their clothes are huge.

You, though, BabyGap, are consistently precious and the only place around that doesn't make me glance with envy at the girls' side. How could I when I am surrounded by tiny fisherman's sweaters,flannel shirts, flat front khakis, fleece zip-ups like Ben's, and preppy button-downs? Not to mention the gym pants, jammies, and parkas.

But it's the hats and gloves that I really love right right now-- they are all absurd and patronizing-- every single one. That's precisely what I look for in winter wear.

Just wanted to tell you how I feel. Ill see you soon-- like after nap!


PS: Here's Harry patiently modeling a few of my faves.

These are the ones we actually got. On their maiden voyage, someone asked if they were part of a Halloween costume. Success!


  1. SO cute! I might have to go to BabyGap, except not anytime soon because I think I wore him out on yesterday's shopping trip, also known as "I will find a good price on Robeez or die trying."

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I love this hat and glove set! Does Harry like it?

  3. I found Robeez at an outlet Stride Rite for $22.50. Score!

  4. Anonymous8:11 AM

    maybe we can get to Baby Gap while you are here, but the day after Thanksgiving is being referred to as Black how he will try on things...Bomma