Thursday, November 29, 2007

For a Jewish Girl, I Sure Love Christmas

From the moment we opened the box, Harry was in love. With the tree. With the stockings. With the glittery, non-breakable ornaments we bought especially for him to touch. He kisses the tree every time he leaves the living room and says bye bye and waves with both fists.

Me, too.

I totally dig the holiday season. I love wrapping gifts. I'm a huge fan of those cute red Starbucks cups (and the gingerbread lattes that go in them). I enjoy getting holiday cards and arranging them on the mantle. I love snowman jammies, not to mention A Christmas Story on TBS. Lighting the menorah is cool. Latkes are cooler. Take away any and all religious significance, and I am a happy secular camper. Rudolph good. Drummer Boy not my cup of tea (or peppermint mocha, whatever the case may be).
So I say Ho, Ho, Ho (and so does Harry, by the way-- it's really cute).

Let the orgy of commercialism and consumption (like buying things, not like TB) begin!


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Happy Chanukkah and Merry Xmas to my multi-religious (or at least mixed) family...we love you all..Bomma

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    That is adorable! Do you think Harry can make me less of a Grinch ????????

  3. What a pretty tree! Harry looks so grown up! I love this season too. So much fun!

  4. As a fellow tribeswoman, I have to say, I also *heart* the holidays. We call it Chrismukkah in our house...