Saturday, October 06, 2007

Would You Rather

Close all the windows, turn on the AC, and wait until your house fills with the smell of festering rodent OR open all the windows to maintian the illusion of freshness, and wait until the temperature reaches 90 degrees inside your house?

Yeah-- neither choice is good. After coming home home from our walk to an 85 degree main floor, we went with the first one.

Hey-- want to see some cute pictures of Harry riding in stuff?

Usually when we go to the mall, I use all my change for gumballs, but this day I thought what the hell and put Harry in one of those bouncey car things.

Eventually, he was brave enough to unhand the mouse's nose.

Note: These things are really hard to steer. They are also really grimy.

During this quick trip to the grocery store,I suddenly became that pregnant woman with the disgusting cravings. I can't remember why I was even there (milk for Harry, perhaps), but I filled my cart with goat cheese crumbles, Sour Patch Kids, Super Sour Jolly Ranchers, and pineapple. Then I got home, sat on the couch, and pigged out on goat cheese and sour candy-- together, sometimes in the same mouthful. Are you kidding me? Who am I?

Ben got home and spent hours in the basement looking for the rodent (no luck, but our shelves have never been cleaner). After he emerged (totally sweaty because he wore his winter coat because he wanted to be as covered up as possible in case he had to touch it), past his dinner time and very hungry, he looked through the cabinets and announced he was going to get a pizza. I got all huffy and said, "God, Ben, I went to the grocery store today." He just looked at me in disbelief, and I realized that, perhaps, goat cheese, whole milk, and Jolly Ranchers are not everyone's ideal meal choice. Go figure.


  1. Dear God. I think the smell of dead rodent has corrupted your sense of taste. That's frightening, even for a pregnant lady! :-)

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    You are so Funny!

  3. Hilarious. My favorite part was "God, Ben, I just went to the grocery store today!" Did you make a sour patch kid-goat cheese pizza? Mmmmmm.

    Tell Ben the trick to finding the rodent is to leave for a few hours so your wife finds it when she's trying to put away the electric skillet. Or something.