Thursday, October 11, 2007

Climby McClimbson

That's Harry-- check him out sitting it a kitchen chair. He scampered right up there himself. Also, see that bag of Baked Lays on the table. Ha ha-- they are all gone! Also gone? An entire box of Fruit Loops. I have a feeling that the next time I visit the OB, I'll notice a bit of a weight gain.

Let's see.... Absolutely nothing happening here. Harry can say "bubble" and "pop," usually in conjunction with each other. He also says "lawn mower" and tries to mimic the sound of a weed whacker or a cappucino machine, depending where we are. We thought about buying him his own little vacuum for Hanukkah, but he has a broken down old roll of wrapping paper that he keeps in the clost next to our vacuum and pretends to sweep the floor with, saying "Zshhhh" all the while, so we don't want to screw up his imagniation with the real thing.

We've been afraid we were going to have to get a dog because Harry love "doggas" so much. Fortunately, Macys has some big stuffed labs in their kids' section, and Harry loved to pet them. That's a dog we can handle!

Harry got to have lunch with his grandma and grandpa last weekend, when they stopped through town on their way home from vacation up north and brought Harry tons of presents. Here they are outside the restaurant, and yes, Harry was also thrilled about the "broon."

Seriously, people, that's all I got. I have to hide from Harry when I brush my teeth because if he sees me with a toothbrush, he's got to brush his teeth, too, and it's like a 20 minute ordeal with the taking off of the socks, the dipping of the toes in running water, and the mad splashing that ensues.

Must do laundry and then sleep before Climbypants wakes up and wants to scale something.


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    how adorable..I so love the blogs and the narratives too..Bomma

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    That is so cute! Harry's grandparents crack him up!!!!

  3. Hahaha, he imitates a cappucino machine! I think Charlie will be able to do that too. One day he's going to catch on that the deck outside the coffee shop is not a real playground and I'm going to be in trouble.

  4. hmm, cappucino noises? maybe soon you'll have your own personal THAT wouldn't be bad! I was starting to feel bad that Kaleb can't identify letters correctly yet, but every time we pass a coffee shop (Dunn Bros, Caribou, Starbucks, independently owned coffee shop) he yells "coffee mommy, coffee!" if I ALWAYS stop and get some coffee!