Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oops! They ARE Geniuses!

Everything I said about not liking the Genius Bar and my service at the Apple Store yesterday? Total crap. Today, FOR FREE, this awesome guy helped me recover all my lost stuff-- yeah! I am caught up-- and I found a folder on my old hard drive called "printer drivers" and guess what it contained? Yeah. Printer drivers. So, keep your fingers crossed!

This is weird-- the only bit of data too corrupt to copy onto my USB drive? Fiona Apple's "O Sailor." (which I actually really like and am totally willing to shell out $.99 for in a minute.

Want to see something funny? Check out ths Sudsy Mudsy bath paint-- Harry's grandprent's got it for him in his Halloween jack o'lantern. It's by Crayola and has a pretty scary warning label, but it's so cool!


  1. Anonymous4:12 PM

    your little green alien seems very studious about being on earth...and thanks for someone for saving your information...Bomma

  2. We need some of that paint! Now, while we live in apartment where we didn't pay the security deposit, would be the perfect time!