Wednesday, September 26, 2007

4 Molars and a Lot of Poop

This entry might be a little distracted, as Harry is wrapping cords around his neck right now. If I take the cords away (my iPod cord, the camera cord, a couple of cell phone chargers), he freaks out, so I just have to keep reminding him they're not necklaces.

Anyway, the title says it all. And, I hope, conveys my blahness and my desire to go. back. to. bed.

Harry got a wicked bad diaper rash and had some disgusting diapers on Friday, but he has been getting a bottom left tooth for weeks now, so we thought it was finally coming all the way in (has a shiny white tip, but that's it). Still, he was really drooly and crabby for just one little tooth. I was holding him upside down on Friday night (upside down baby is a fun game-- you should try it), and I noticed that he has 4 new teeth. All molars.

So, we've been dealing with mouth, tummy, and rash issues all weekend. All of the teeth are through the surface of the gum now, but they still have to come all the way up, if you know what I mean. (Thank god he's still sleeping all night long because I am so freaking tired because I'm pregnant and not drinking much caffeine (a cup of tea in the morning, compared to several POTS of coffee, god help me), and I need to sleep. Right now, in fact).

Rash is better. He's been drinking Pedialyte, which he hates.

Can't use wipes, so lots of laundry.

Luvs are a little leaky, so lots more laundry.

Here's a picture of a simpler time, a time before molars. Check out that belly!! No weight gain, just interesting redistribution.

We picked apples last weekend-- and I promise pictures. I am very tired now. Must gather cords.


  1. HEEEE! You are adorable!!! I am still so excited for you. We've been having lots and lots of poop around here too. And about two blowouts a day, so yeah. Laundry. I kind of hope it's teeth because it seems like he should have at least one by now. Although I'll be sad to lose the gummy smile.

    The caffiene thing was SO TOUGH for me! I finally (after completely abstaining for the first trimester) looked my OB right in the eye and said "I need to know exactly how much caffiene I can have." And then drank exactly that much every day for the rest of the pregnancy. Hang in there! Second trimester is going to be awesome!

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    You look GREAT. You looked cute last time, too.