Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank Goodness for Washable Crayons

Harry has his own set of crayons and a cute little Crayola sketchbook. He'll spend whole minutes squatting in front of his paper very seriously scribbling line after line. His favorite part of the creative process, however, is picking up the crayons and shoving them in the box. Then he shakes the box all over the place and puts all the crayons back again, repeating this process until Mommy is really bored. I can't really take my eyes off him, you know, because even though these crayons are washable, I don't want my bed spread or my carpet or my clothes covered in crayon marks.

Still, coloring is more relaxing than this, which is how he spends the rest of his days and also requires constant supervision.


  1. fortunately for us, Ethan prefers to climb into the clothes hamper rather than onto it, and he'd still rather eat the crayon than color with it. But we find other ways to cause property damage and bodily harm on a daily basis anyway...

  2. Why is it that just when they are capable of independent play they are also most likely to slip and whack their head so hard on a desk that their face turns red and they scream but no sound comes out? For instance.

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    He is soo dangerous! And as you said earlier today, Harry finds crayons a delightful snack! And you said he didn't like green food.... I guess we just didn't offer the right green foods until now.