Friday, September 14, 2007

I had this great post all worked out in my head,

but then I cleaned out the fridge, and I completely forgot what I wanted to say. So, I'll just post the pictures I took weeks ago that have been languishing on my camera. Nothing like Tuesday's meatloaf and eggs from June to ruin a coherent line of thought.

He's actually not going to be a lion for Halloween, but wouldn't it be cute if he were?

This is what he does if we say, "Smile for the camera."

He's super into shoes.

Bidding the pool a fond farewell-- clearly this was thrilling.

The artist at work

Little Gym-- and my favorite little smile


He really wanted to wear these flip flops-- kept bringing them to me and saying shoes, which sounds a lot like sheesh, which was totally apropos because he seemed exasperated until I figured out that he wanted the shoes on his feet, which took awhile because I think our coffee pot is breaking (!) because it's cracked a little and makes coffee that looks like tea and doesn't taste like coffee.

How old is Harry? Quick! Tell me before the shoadow monster creeps further into the frame.


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    thanks so much..Friday is always a busy day,cleaning etc. and now I have a smile to help me on my way..what a good parenting job you two have done...Bomma

  2. Love the pics! And coffee pot breaking? I think it's an overuse injury, what with all the progress you're making. COOL lion suit! Too cute.

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I like the lion costume,too. What a doll.