Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Video!

{EDITED TO ADD: I may be too dumb for Vimeo, but I think it works now-- I forgot to make it a public clip. Sorry. If you can't see it and want to, let me know-- it will not work on Ben's Vista plagued machine, but few things will...}

Of nothing, really. Just 1:49 minutes of Harry walking through pebbles at the park NOT making any animal sounds. It was the only one we had that didn't feature Ben and me sniping at each other about the quality of the video or cursing in the background.

See, we have a really cool video camera, but it takes teeny DVDs, which don't go in my computer because I just have a slot on the side, not a disc reader thingy that pops out. What I need is a USB cord to connect the camera to the computer, but since the camera didn't come with one (?), that option never occured to me. Huh.

So, this is from our regular old Kodak.

Anywho, more video from now on, since we can use it.

No updates of any importance. I ate an entire box of Cheerios yesterday, and I really have a thing for frozen chicken nuggets, which is odd because last pregnancy, I could not stand the smell of chicken and once kicked Ben out of bed because he ate chicken for dinner and had a lingering odor. Also, I have not eaten anything in nugget form (except for cheese, I guess) since the late 90s, when I had a very bad bite from McDonalds. At breakfast this morning, Harry ate an entire scoop of butter with a spoon (we were at a restaurant-- I don't serve ice-cream size scoops of butter at home). The CW won't come in on our downstairs TV, so I could not DVR America's Next Top Model, and I am pissed about it still but don't want to spend hours on the phone with the cable company. Ben surprised me with some Lancome last night while I was writing, and that's it.

Enjoy Harry at the park.

Harry NOT making animal noises from sarah on Vimeo.


  1. What is with our TVs? I am also looking forward to picking up where we left off with Jim and Pam. CAN'T WAIT and totally worth $250 for the new TV. (Plus there's my naptime tradition of falling asleep on the couch with my dog and Dr. Phil that I was missing out on)

    Mmm, Cheerios. Charlie would eat a whole box too, if we'd let him.

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    the video showed up..I love the fact he's putting rocks on the horsey..what a clever boy...Bomma

  3. This was a very surreal experience. Not only have I not heard either of your voices in three years, but I don't think I've seen a video yet of the young man.

    I would have enjoyed watching a clip of you too bickering. For ol' times sake.

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I LOVE this! The first time Ben asked what the duck says, he whispered "Quack quack." You could see that he didn't feel like doing it, but he is too nice to say so. That really made me miss him much more than the stills do.