Thursday, December 14, 2023

Ugh. RSV. Ugh.



I am testing negative on home tests (multiple. different brands, even), so I think it's "just" the RSV, and I should probably keep hunkering down and continue enjoying my time in the demographic not likely to be hospitalized for RSV before I age out of this enviable category, but I called my doctor anyway.

I looked visibly unwell on a Zoom today. despite filters, so that sucks.

DONE teaching and grading and  ONE ZOOM AWAY from peacing out for 6 weeks-- this does not suck, especially because my meeting is for the campus common read committee-- a meeting I actually adore. I was bummed that this committee has remained virtual, but now that I am home with my virus baby, I am super happy.

ALSO! I have been starting to dread my first colonoscopy (scheduled for next month), but the doctor's office called and had to push me back until APRIL. LOVE THIS FOR ME (assuming, you know, I have a healthy colon)

Last night, everyone got a water bottle with a gift card, inside and these gifts were well received. Jack got a Starbs card, and Coop's was for Xbox, so neither of them needed to go anywhere immediately. Harry's was a Visa gift card, and he was happy to just put that in his wallet for later. Dorothy and Minnie though? Got Barnes and Noble gift cards, and they needed to spend them INSTANTLY. I will rethink this for next year because WHAT A PAIN.

(Also: all 3 boys got Gatorade pod bottles in various colors with a pack of pods-- we can never have too many of these bottles in rotation. I got Minnie a super cute straw cup from Target that is hand wash only even though the inside is stainless **whomp whomp** and Dorothy loved her teeny Stanley (20 oz because she only weighs 60 pounds-- she can't even carry 40 ounces of water).)

Was the best part of the B&N trip being nervous because I left Cooper at home with a preheating oven, instructions to throw nuggets and fries in the oven in 15 minutes, and the burning Hanukkah candles? Or was it being anxious because Dorothy was definitely going to be late to dance? Or maybe it was fielding a phone call from the testing center and having to track down a TA who botched some exam deets mid-shop? Or maybe it was when Dorothy lost the sparkle glitter pens she was buying somewhere between getting in line and making it to the check out, so she had to run to the very back of the store to find another pack while I stood there with Minnie and angry people waiting behind me?? HARD TO SAY. I treated myself to a Christmas romance for my trouble, though, so there's that. Also Dorothy loves the TBH books so much that she was already ready for the next one, just 2 Hanukkah night later-- I LOVE THAT and what a well-timed bookstore GC. **pats self on back**

Also!!! Dorothy asked for a book for Christmas-- the graphic novel version of Little Women that she read to death during the panny (seriously-- we had to throw the ripped up old copy away), and I noticed 2 more in the same style and bought them all, if you are looking for some tween girl reads.


  1. I suspect I got RSV from Will last fall when he had it. It was pretty similar to Covid so I bet that's what you have, too. I hope you are all back to full health soon! You've had a brutal fall!!

  2. Tell me about these TBH books! Averson is my first reader, but she's ventured into some decidedly less "elementary school friendly" books and I'm hoping to get her a few more age appropriate, but still interesting, titles. She loves Christopher Pike so I haven't lost hope

  3. I am so glad you're almost done for a while AND the kids are scaling back on activities for the holiday break and hopefully everyone can get HEALTHY and Christmas can just be this wonderful, relaxing time for your whole family. What a HARD fall this has been for you :(

  4. Anonymous1:24 AM

    (This is Suzanne.)

    I am so sorry that you are so sick. Hope the last night of Hanukkah went smoothly and that your final work tasks are completed soon so you can rest.

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery and then some holiday R&R! (In the past, way before the 'Vid, I've lost my senses of taste and smell with sinusitis, so your tests may be accurate.)

    When do you decide and announce your campus common read?

  6. OMG the burning candles, I am sweating right now thinking about it!
    Hope you are feeling better, ugh, what a bummer to be so sick.

  7. Oh NOOOOO! That sucks. I hope you feel better soon, and can taste and smell before Christmas! I love your Hanukkah gifts- great ideas, and it sounds like everyone loved them. At least you got the girls gift cards from the same place- can you imagine if one was for Target and one was B&N and they were both demanding to go out right away??? So it could have been worse.

  8. Oh no, I am so sorry you feel crappy. Hope you'll be on the mend soon.
    And yay about the colonoscopy push-back... but you'll feel good getting it over with. The procedure is fine, the prep is the worst part of it. If you can, try to do the prep with Miralax and Gatorade or something. I had a very nasty solution (a gallon!) and it was terrible.

  9. Just thinking of you and hoping you are all doing okay. xxoo