Thursday, December 07, 2023

Joy! And also GRAY?!

 JOY though, you guys! Like the picture on the wall says! We are really joyful, despite the constant illness (At least one kid— usually Minnie— has been sick since Ben started his new job!!).

My mom’s boyfriend’s son came for Thanksgiving and put an electrical outlet in the front hallway for us, so we could put lights on a front door Christmas tree! We love being able to plug this sucker in— next year, taller but still skinny, yes?

Dorothy found THE BEST living room tree EVER at our favorite Christmas tree farm

And! We had a delightful time tree hunting and decorating, as these randomly ordered pictures will show LOL

Ben and I left the girls with Harry and went out for drinks and apps before Coop’s hockey game on Saturday, dropped him off at home, and went back out for a night cap after. 

Our elves on the shelf came back!

And look how cute Cooper’s hockey pictures turned out to be:

And! I really do love my new stove

Also, in true us fashion, we didn’t measure it because the 30-inch width is so standard— it never even occurred to us to check the depth. Aaaaaaand, it sticks out super far. Which! Makes me think I actually just SAVED over 1K on my next fridge because a counter-depth fridge is pointless with an oven this ginormous. #halffull

Soooooo, now I have a question for you. My hair!! Looks pretty brown with a side part, but the other day, I did a middle part and zOMG. Time to cover the gray again. OR IS IT? What do you think? Cover it up or go gray and see how I like it? (Also, I gotta stop furrowing my brow, Before it freezes like that. J/K— TOO LATE LOL LOL LOL)


  1. I love Christmas tree hunting! It is so fun to pick out a tree, drag it home, decorate it! I always think of Francie Nolan standing there, waiting to get the tree thrown at her so that she can get it for free, then dragging it home and up the stairs! It's such a treat and I am team real tree all the way! I also like that you have a door tree and think that it looks fine, although skinnier and taller could be easier to get around. However, I like it the way it is!

  2. Well, you know where I stand for myself personally. But your grey is coming in really nicely. See, here is the problem, Sarah: I have been colouring for so many years that I am completely 100% grey white at the roots, so when they come in I have like a grey white LINE, and then the rest of my hair is fake red, and by the time the roots come in, kind of orange. Your hair, on the other hand, has silver mixed in with the grey, so if you WERE to grow it out it would just naturally go a lovely silvery grey WHICH I WISH I HAD DONE. Now I'm caught in a trap, I can't walk out, like Elvis. (wow, I'm older than Elvis ever was). Anyway. What I'm saying is I 100% support your decision to colour AND I 100% support your decision to not colour, because I think yours will go grey and lovely. But if you're not ready to take that step, I get it because neither am I! Oh god, I am going to be the old lady with super fake red hair in the nursing home, probably with lipstick all stuck in the lines around my mouth.
    Your trees look great!

  3. What Nicole said about the hair!

    That tree is fabulous, yay for elves, and I really hope Minnie is feeling better with the newest course of antibiotics <3

  4. These pictures are so full of joy... I'm smiling from the sweetness. What wonderful memories!

    My grays are coming in too, and I'm looking for suggestions too. I think I'd be ok with a silver look, but I don't know if I like the salt-and-pepper look...

  5. I'm 100% with Maya. I LOVE an all-silver look, but the salt-and-pepper is meh on me. Meanwhile, the top layer of my hair is silver and underneath is dark brown and my stylist thinks the color is amazing and I think I just look tired.

    BUT! I used to have to dye it every eight weeks and I haven't dyed it since 2020 and I don't know if I want to go back to high maintenance hair.


  6. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I'm currently letting the few white hairs I have do their thing. I can always change my mind if I want to, and in the meantime I don't have to figure out box dye or add more hair appointments into my schedule.

  7. I have some grays and rolling with it for now. They are "peppered" through and who knows when I get more, maybe I'll color it. But I really don't want to add yet another task to my life (similar to what the person above said).

  8. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I started coloring my gray hair medium neutral brown when my baby was in diapers. He is in 5th grade now and I am 50, still going strong with my box dye. I’m pretty sure he will at least be in high school before I stop - I can’t bring myself to draw any more attention to the fact that it was logistically possible for me to have been the (teen) mother of more of his classmates’ parents than I would like to admit.

  9. Anonymous9:26 PM

    You need to ask yourself: do you want to be a graying, crunchy elder stateswoman, looking every proud inch of your 40-something years, or do you want to be cool and sophisticated and refusing to age? I am telling myself I'm going to do the former but so far only my eyebrows are going gray and I pluck them mercilessly.

  10. I am glad you're finding some joyful moments in these trying times! And I'd say, roll with the grey. At least it's coming in evenly :)

  11. I think your trees are lovely, your embrace of the elves is admirable, and your gray is coming in so nicely. Your hair will look great either way!