Friday, December 22, 2023

5 ON A FRIDAY: End-of-week stuff and nonsense

 1. Harry and Jack were gone all week visiting their grandparents in Naples. On the one hand, we missed them desperately, and I can’t believe this is my last year with all 5 kids at home. WHAT. On the other hand, we only had to run the dishwasher once a day, and my laundry app tells me that I only did 6 loads a day while they were gone, down from my normal NINE LOADS A DAY. Ben and I also got about 45 more minutes of sleep per night because we lived on Old People Time, and the boys were thrilled to tell us that their grandparents stay up over an hour later than we do when we are staying up late. BUT THEY ALSO DON’T GET UP AT 5 AM, BOYS. They had so much fun, and I am so grateful they got to have the time with their grandparents and traveling together as the life partners they are.


2. I know I pulled Minnie from preschool early for winter break because the germs were outrageous, but also! She can play by herself at the park while I sit on a bench, and this is a delightful development. She also felt the influence of peer pressure and potty trained in one single day, so that’s awesome. It’s amazing what a tiny tot can learn from 8-11am while viruses and bacteria are taking over her system.

3. Cooper really stepped up as Ace Big Brother while the other boys were gone. Piggy back rides. Games, Errands. EVEN SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS.

That picture is from 4:30 pm, when it is PITCH BLACK OUTSIDE. Thank goodness the darkest day is behind us. Literally. Metaphorically, who knows?

4. The kids want to bake cookies today. Gah. It’s fun until it isn’t, and the cookies always kind of gross me out because they require so much touching. But! I will be SO JOLLY you guys. SO FREAKING JOLLY. Possibly also a tiny bit drunk. Kidding. Maybe.

5.  Behold! The most realistic photo of relaxing with a whirling dervish three-year-old:


  1. I want to see photos of those cookies!
    Glad the boys enjoyed their trip and I'm glad you "only" had to do six loads of laundry a day (um... please tell me that's an exaggeration!)
    It sounds like you're all healthy and ready for the next holiday!

  2. Wait. You do NINE loads a day. Please e-mail me and tell me this is a joke or a misprint. IS THIS A JOKE? SARAH. MY WORLD WOULD END IF I HAD TO DO NINE LOADS IN A DAY. I just can't even...

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I knew you did laundry daily but I had no idea what “laundry” meant. You are superhuman, Sarah!

    Speaking of: Minnie potty trained in one day!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

    So glad the big kids had such a fun adventure with their grandparents! And now they are home and I hope you have a spectacular Christmas.

    (This is Suzanne)

  4. Anonymous6:58 AM

    This is Lisa. I can’t get over how much laundry you do in a day! Are these small loads? You must have a high volume of laundry from all the kids activities or something? I also can’t wrap my mind around 6 or 9 loads in a day!! We do 3 a week but we have 40% of the number of kids you have. But still. 6-9 in a day is insane.

    Way to go on the potty training. I can’t wait until that day comes for Will. He has been pooping on the potty lately though. Not consistently but any time it happens that is a huge win. He holds his poop in so when he does poop it’s like an adult poop which is so gross in a diaper. Have I grossed you out with all this poop talk? ;)

  5. Ben's dad looks like each of your kids! Haha. And Minnie's delight with Coop's science experiment? Adorable! That picture of you and Minnie the dervish? Super adorable!!

  6. I love that the boys got to visit grandparents in Naples. Amazing way to make memories. Is this the 1st year they did that?

    The last photo killed me. Hilarious.

    I hear you on the cookies and the touching. My kids know- if I see you touch your face . . . you better march over and wash your hands again.

    I am so confused about your laundry? I do a lot of laundry but not 9 loads a day. Is your washer tiny? Or do you prefer small loads? I have a commercial size washer and i jam everything in there. I think I do 2 or 3 loads a day . . . or I skip a day and then I pay dearly.

    The pics of Cooper and Minnie are so sweet.

  7. Good gracious, that's a lot of laundry. But you have a preschooler, a dancer, a hockey player/diver/baseball player/probably something I'm missing athlete... and teen boys. Also, lots of beds. And towels. I can totally see the 9 loads/day.