Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Back to normal complaining, but with a horrible retro 90s smoker cough

 I told Minnie she could have treat at the grocery store. She picked a dozen pink roses— 11 to display in her dresser (that holds SO MANY TREASURES right now) and one to pluck the head off of and carry everywhere, natch.

She also got a cookie at Starbucks, but as she pointed out, that was not a treat— SHE WAS JUST HUNGRY FOR THAT PLACE. I mean, yes, that’s legit. Also, our Pick n Save got upgraded (? The produce is still pale winter garbage— I spent $7 on an organic purple cauliflower that was ROTTEN) to a Metro Market and there is just suddenly a Starbucks right at the end of the baking aisle like a little oasis. I usually just get grocery pick up, but my midweek oh-shit runs got cozier for sure.

Tacos last night and buffalo wraps tonight, and the veggies are really already. Because sometimes 2pm is the only time I have to make dinner. ** eye roll** Also, Harry, Minnie, and I had tacos at a normal dinner time, but Jack and Ben didn’t have them until 8pm because Ben went straight to get Jack at his dive practice, and then they both went to Coop’s practice where Jack did his home work— this was a surprisingly great work flow. (Dorothy and Cooper eat packed dinners 4 nights a week **yikes face**)

Night 6! The boys all got page-a-day calendars (ones with swears LOL), and Minnie got dot markers and a notebook. I got Dorothy a planner, washi tape, and fine point markers, and she is is PLANNING HEAVEN. It’s the CUTEST.

Coop has a round robin hockey tourney tonight that is also a fundraiser for his club— I wish I could watch, but I remember the crush of coughing people ate hockey picture night, AKA the last day Minnie was healthy, so she and I are sitting this one out and doing the dance pickup shift instead. Do I want to solo parent every single one of her waking hours? Erm, no. Not really, actually. Even though she is a super fun companion and very helpful. (I mean it— 3 is so darn wonderful).

I am not taking Coop to diving practice tomorrow, and I actually feel bad about it, even though he has gone at least 4 days a week since the season started. There is a basketball game on campus, and I just cannot even deal with driving through that ish AGAIN. Plus, Harry works, so I have to pick up Coop, pick up Jack, take Jack to dive, take Coop to dive, take Dorothy to dance, pick up from dance, either do bedtime by myself or pickup from hockey— the whole circuit. Cutting out the downtown trip is helpful FOR SURE. I am going to try to be better at doing less when I want to— but also I hate driving in crappy weather AND in the dark, so I wanted to maximize fall semester participation before wimping out in the spring semester. 

TL; DR: We are getting an ACTIVITY BREAK, and I can’t wait!!! 

Dorothy has 5 weeks off of dance— with a Saturday rehearsal for her supergroup thrown in— and Coop has a small diving break, although hockey os pretty constant through March— when it is DANCE COMP SEASON.

She asked to play with her stuffies in her crib, and who am I to deny that request?

Hey! Harry decorated his Yeti. IS THIS A SIGN???


  1. She picked flowers for a treat... How absolutely darling! Your Minnie really is the perfect doll baby <3

  2. The amount of driving you have to do, Sarah! It's a LOT holy moly. All these gifts sound so fun and lovely. I love the planners/ calendars. What a fun theme.

  3. Eve lives and dies by her bullet journals - I also sent her your FB post about Minnie yesterday and she died laughing. Solo parenting even a delicious child is a lot, and you do it with all the other shit plus blogging, so you still get the Goddess hat from me every single day

  4. I wish I had your love and enthusiasm for the 3year old stage... it is just NOT much favorite. But our 3yo is so moody... I fear he might have celiac - I'm going to get him tested at his 3yo appt that I had to move since he'd been in clinic twice during the week leading up to his well child appt that i decided to push his appt out and go when he was actually well. Or well-ish. But I am glad you are enjoying Minnie's stage so much since you spend so much time with her!! And yes, I know I sound like a monster since I don't love this stage... I'm looking forward to age 4. That's when I start to hit my sweet spot of parenting (so far).

  5. More and more I realize that Dorothy and I are soulmates. I don't want your sweary calendar. I want the fun tape and a planner!!

  6. The fun tape and planner sound AWESOME.

    Poor Minnie - but what a mature choice on the flowers. Glad she's feeling better but what. a. long. haul.

    Ditto above, the amount of driving and organizing you have to do is CRAZY!

  7. A dozen pink roses as a treat -- I'm dying.

  8. OMG, I feel SEEN. MM or PnS, the produce almost uniformly stinks. Bananas and bagged baby carrots and radishes are good to go. DO NOT get the lettuce - it goes slimy in like 3 hours.
    And also - glad Minnie is better but now you are down for the count. Sigh. Hang in there.

  9. Ok, Sarah, come clean. Your day does have 48 hours, doesn't it? How do you fit it all in otherwise?