Friday, October 27, 2023

5 on a Friday: Things That Sucked About Yesterday

 1. It rained all day. ALL DAY. And I had the muppet-looking pigtails to prove it.

2. I decided to only record 3 lectures in a super fancy recording studio and knock off early to go to Costco because my family ate 2 boxes of Halloween candy bars, and our dinner menu said “something from Costco.” I got SOAKED walking from the fancy recording studio to my building and decided to see if the software I needed was on the podcast suite computer in our media center, thinking I could record without the terrible walk at least and sort of at my leisure. It wasn’t, so I stopped by someone’s office to ask them if it could be and to see if the university had a license for the software for my own computer. It did!! I suddenly pictured myself recording lectures in my closet on rainy days instead of getting soaked on campus, needing to schedule rooms in advance, etc. BUT. To install the software, I needed a key, etc. I decided to stay on campus and get my computer ready with IT supervision. This sucked because it was time less well spent than either recording more OR shopping. But just wait…

3. To install the software, I needed to update my iOS. Which completely crashed my Mac Book Air. That’s 5 years old and scheduled to be replaced next week but also hasn’t been backed up for 1300 days because I AM STUPID.**

4. IT has my computer. . . Indefinitely? Also I was at work past 6 and never went to Costco.

5. Harry lost his wallet which had my Target card in it, and I was stuck in  horrible loop of trying to cancel the card without the card (I instantly deleted it from my app because STUPID which meant I had no card numbers anywhere) and a bunch of automated menus that couldn’t help me without my card numbers and BLERGH!

** Most things are in the cloud, I am pretty sure. BUT STILL. GAH. (The data is still on my machine, so eventually, all will be fine, and my new computer is GOLD (Starlight), but still— NOT IDEAL when I am crunched for TIME. LONG, DEDICATED WORK DAYS do not grow on trees.

**Harry got a new ID at school, got a temporary drivers license online, and went to the bank and got a new ATM card, after freezing and then unlocking his account. Adulting 101!!

5 things that do not suck— 2023-2024 SCHOOL PICTURES:


  1. Omg Sarah, this has been a rough week! I hope you have smoother seas ahead of you. The computer stuff is so scary!!!! A good reminder to me that I am in desperate need of backing up both my laptop and my phone. A gold computer does sound pretty cool though.

    Also, you have the most beautiful kids!!!! That picture of Dorothy is stunning - and why don’t all school photo companies have the gold boka background option?! So pretty! She looks like her own holiday card.

  2. What a horrible week. Rain is just the horrible rotten cherry on top.

    Losing a wallet is so terrible.

    And I also love the photo of Dorothy and think she looks so much like you. The pics are all delightful.

    You know I know more than I'd like about computer misadventures. I HAVE NOW BACKED UP MY WEBSITE and most of my personal things are in the cloud, but it does feel precarious!

  3. Ugh, I hate weeks like that. Being from California, I love rain, but I understand that not everyone lives in a perpetually parched state. Hang in there!

    1. I actually feel like a jerk complaining because we had a super dry summer.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    This is Lisa. That is EPICALLY bad! I hope the IT team can work wonders for you so you don’t lose much! What an awful experience all around - on top of the lost wallet. I would not know my target card number. I would have to log into the target website to find it. So I feel for you! Glad he could get a temp ID and new school ID and such quickly.