Friday, October 06, 2023

5 on a Friday: Joyfinding Edition

 Thanks to Elisabeth (whose new blog is certainly a joy) for the happy post inspo. Here are 5 things that brought me joy over the last week: 

1. This lovely bouquet of wildflowers that Dorothy and I picked on our Saturday morning walk

2. These darling Halloween mugs from Walgreens of all places. They are making my early mornings a complete delight, and I am already on the hunt for Thanksgiving mugs to replace them on November 1. Also, I only bought 6 because my mug tree has 6 branches, so I guess we’re playing musical chairs.

3. This video of Dorothy living her best life posted on her jazz team’s practice page
4. Tennis shoes and dresses (with bare legs, although that moment is passing as we speak *whomp whomp**)

5. Minnie, making herself at home while we wait for Dorothy’s dance practice to be over. (Why yes, she did immediately take her does off. Also, she is on a valentine kick (ONLY 19 WEEKS TO GO), so I brought a V-day coloring book, and it was a YUGE hit).


  1. Ha - you have a lot of countdowns going in your house. I mean - every day should be an excuse to celebrate, right?

    Those flowers are gorgeous. We picked some today on the walk to school so L could give them to his teacher and it was so fun! Free flowers somehow seem the most beautiful.

    Those mugs are adorable.

    I have been LOVING wearing sneakers with capris lately, but it's supposed to get rainy and cold this weekend and - SOB - "nice" fall may never come back. Oh well. I loved it while it lasted.

  2. I had to wear my heated vest today! I think it's officially time for me to put away my summer dresses. :(

  3. What a pretty bouquet! Your morning walks with Dorothy sound like such a calming and mindful morning practice.

    (Also your comment about Jon Fosse did go through :).

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

    This is Lisa. I have transitioned to fall clothes. Bare legs just won’t work in my freezing office space! I wore the heck out of my summer dresses, though, so am ready for something different. I do hope the temps warm back up as this was an aggressive change! Dorothy is such a talented dancer! And I love Minnie’s love for V day!!

  5. Pretty (seasonal) mugs give me so much joy :)

  6. Yes, I love Elisabeth's Happy Friday posts! A good inspiration for all of us.
    I LOVE those mugs! I'm a huge fan of holiday mugs. Funny that you found those at Walgreens- but come to think of it, I bought one of my favorite Christmas mugs at Walgreens last year.
    I'm laughing that Minnie is thinking of Valentine's Day. NOW? i guess she senses the holiday vibes and figures why not?