Wednesday, October 11, 2023

FALL!! It’s HERE!!

 It’s so delightfully chilly this week that I cannot even get mad about putting last year’s body in this year’s jeans! (Not trying to be eating disordered. I cannot replace everyone’s wardrobe this exact second, so I am just going to have to make do with snug pants because I have several children who literally outgrew all their clothes overnight).

I have made chicken and noodles, a chili, cut out sugar cookies in Halloween shapes, and also pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. IN THE LAST 3 DAYS. Like, that’s how excited I am to see fall starting to appear.

Minnie looks like a teddy bear in her tight little fleece jackets!

And she is getting TONS of wear out of her Halloween clothes
The Paw Patrol movie? Was terrible. When Minnie told me she was ready to go 15 minutes before the end of the movie, I did not think twice about packing up our stuff and heading home. Also, I packed her a lunch instead of buying gross movie food, and this was 100% the right move.

Inspired by Lisa playing games with her preschooler, I scoured our shelves for new-to-her tiny kid games and found ONLY Busy Town Eye Found It (which was still sealed in its box!). Goodness knows what happened to the rest of them, but yay for easy Chrismukkah gift ideas! Anyway, she LOVED this game and played very seriously twice then just played with the pieces and the board making up an elaborate story about sharks in the water, etc. She has a couple HABA board games that you can play with rules or as free play, and I think that has framed the way she approaches games in a really helpful and creative way.
FALL, though, you guys. FALL!!


  1. Your enthusiasm is so infectious! We haven't done a whole lot of fall things yet, although we did go for a hike. I haven't done a stitch of decorating. Oh well. There's still some time.

  2. I love fall. Save me some of those pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. THEY SOUND DIVINE.

  3. Here it was hot, hot, hot, scorching hot and then four solid days of rain. Thanks a lot Autumn, you beeyotch. We still did the pumpkin patch with my university fall break-er and her friends, but with umbrellas. Today was clear and I enjoyed the crispness, so it shouldn't take me too much longer to get over it. Pumpkin cookies in the oven as I type.

  4. It's been cooler here the last couple of days, for which I am grateful, but next week it's going to heat up again. Not unusual for us. Mmm. I think I would like to make some chili soon, no matter what the weather decides to do.

    Pictures are adorable, and yay for bringing lunch with you!

  5. Yes! We are busy doing fall things, too. It is wonderful!

  6. We have that Busy Town game and my boys LOVED it. We still have it because even though I purged most things from that age group, I just could not. Busy Busy World was my favourite book as a child and the boys always loved Richard Scarry.
    There's a Paw Patrol movie?

  7. Anonymous3:12 PM

    This is Lisa! We don’t have busy town but it sounds like a good game! We tried the hungry caterpillar game with taco last night and he did well. It’s based on the Eric Carle book. But my first orchard is still the best game since it’s cooperative and moves so fast!