Friday, October 13, 2023

5 on a Friday: Things I Love About My Teens

 1. One kid gave us a very traditional Homecoming experience last weekend. He went to the dance with his smart and funny friend group. They went out to dinner first. He bought a new fancy outfit. They took pics together. It was darling, and I loved it.

2. One kid went a very non-trad route. He didn’t want to go to the dance because it was only open to kids from our high school— no dates from other schools. Instead, he planned a night in with a person he likely would have taken to the dance, and it was also darling, and I loved it.

(No pics of either of these because these people are very much their own people, and it’s not really my story to overshare anymore, you know?)

3. Harry is 7/8 with college acceptances— just waiting on UW, and since he did not apply early decision, he will be waiting until APRIL. It is so fun to sit back and watch him enjoy his senior year with college stress not at all a part of his life. 

4. Jack is so fun to be around these days. He is kind to the little kids, engaged in current events, a fan of the same TV shows I am and just a person I like hanging out with who happens to live in my house— how great is that?? We can’t wait to see his fall play at the end of the month

5.  Both boys are SO EASY. No drama, a good mix of nights in and fun with friends. Harry has a job. Jack saved tons from summer, and they both fund their own social lives and part of their wardrobes. WE GOT SO LUCKY, you guys.


  1. Aww. This is lovely. Kids are awesome <3 And it's great to recognize all the great things about teens because they so often get a "bad rap."

    Yay for no college stress. THAT IS HUGE!!!

  2. What kind and thoughtful humans you're grown!

  3. What a lovely tribute to teenage boys! I hope they read this someday and know how lucky and wonderful your family is.

  4. Aw, you are lucky! And I'm impressed with Harry's college acceptance rate! That's the way to do it. My son did not apply early decision (you can't do that when applying as a music major, you have to have an audition and it's not till January or February) and his senior year was one long year of stress.
    Sounds like you're really enjoying this phase with your boys!

  5. I love love LOVE having teens! Although my oldest won't be a teen for too much longer. It's all so awesome. What great kids we have!

  6. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Lisa again. I love the positive sentiment about teens! I feel like there is a lot of negative comments. Like I get so many ‘oh just wait’ comments. One of my coworkers drinks quite a bit after work and when she suggests drinks I said we don’t really drink much because we are already tired and both have alcoholism in our family history. She told me I will drink when I have teens. Like that is a health coping mechanism.

    Congrats to Harry on all the acceptances!! 7/8 is amazing. My nephew got in everywhere he applied except UW where he was waitlisted. He ended up going to the U here in Minnesota and didn’t see if he would get off the wait list. UW is super hard to get into! Sounds like he will have great options wherever he goes!!

  7. I love all of this. Agree with the others saying that teens get a bad rap. I loved the teen years with my daughter, though her middle school years were kind of hard, due to health issues. Aside from that, my daughter was (and is) a caring, smart, engaged person, as are her friends.

    Congrats on the acceptances, that is wonderful and well earned!

  8. Those do sound like wonderful teenagers. Eve and her friends have this thing where they refuse to not be teenagers anymore - "I'm just a little twenty-year-old teenager" - that I find very amusing. I still miss them as littles, but I love that they are just fun, funny, nice people that are enjoyable to hang out with.